ThePodOfAlan - Season 1 - Episode 2 Aftershow

November - 2021

Short and sweet on this one.

Today's Topics Include:

  • Our relationship
  • Time traveling through content
  • Disinterest in monetization

Auto-Generated Transcript (I'm in the process of getting this formatted)

00:01 [Music] 00:05 and after show 00:08 wow 00:08 so i think i'm gonna apparently i'm just 00:10 gonna laugh when i start each one of the 00:11 after shows um 00:13 okay we're gonna slow down now because 00:15 that got a little fast-paced i 00:20 i like doing these 00:22 i do i very much do um 00:27 i'm gonna like chill out here for a 00:28 minute the 00:32 yeah like i keep going back and forth on 00:37 this idea of 00:41 where we are in our relationship dear 00:44 listener you and i 00:48 because 00:51 there will be 00:54 like i'm talking like i'm talking to you 00:55 individually right this is me having a 00:57 communication with you 01:00 but i don't know 01:02 what portion 01:05 of our relationship already exists to 01:08 you and what doesn't 01:14 so like i have 01:16 so like there's there's different ways 01:18 and here's here's where i'm headed with 01:19 this 01:20 there's different ways that 01:23 somebody can interact with these 01:24 episodes 01:25 or interact with me through these 01:26 episodes 01:27 or that we can have an interaction 01:29 through this medium of the podcast i 01:31 guess 01:34 but so 01:35 one way is 01:38 you could pick up the podcast 01:40 like this week 01:42 um as soon as i so i'm gonna release 01:44 like whatever probably i'm gonna put i 01:46 guess five three four three five seven 01:49 excuse me number of episodes 01:52 that i'm gonna publish and then i will 01:53 actually put puts a podcast out like i'm 01:55 gonna i wanna i want a slew of them 01:56 there so that like there's a bunch of 01:57 stuff there ready to go 01:59 five six seven ten i don't know how many 02:01 but some number of episodes will exist 02:05 i get to cut that number in half by the 02:06 way because i'm doing the after shows so 02:07 like cool so like we're already gonna be 02:10 at four um so yes i'll probably go to 02:12 ten 02:13 but 02:15 you could pick this up basically as soon 02:17 as i release it 02:18 and listen along and then listen along 02:20 and follow in real time 02:23 some of the episodes that i'm gonna do 02:25 are gonna be publishing ones that i did 02:28 back over the past two years maybe even 02:30 actually i think it's three years 02:32 because maybe four years i can't 02:33 remember it's been a while 02:36 but like 02:37 those things started just as recording 02:39 videos and i could actually go all the 02:40 way back because there's another aspect 02:41 here which is 02:43 when i really first started doing 02:44 recording and first i had the idea of a 02:45 podcast really pop into my brain and 02:47 thought actually i thought about this in 02:48 a while but is when i had my first uh 02:51 major manic episode 02:53 and i ran around my house naked 02:55 recording for like four days um until i 02:57 went to the hospital 02:59 that's a story for another time but like 03:02 all that content exists i'm going to 03:04 publish that i'm going to publish all 03:05 the other podcasts i've done my cars 03:07 over the years our car over the years 03:10 actually cars i've been through two cars 03:12 with that thing um 03:15 and so but i so i will publish those in 03:18 a stream 03:19 and that stream will include these plus 03:21 those in different orders potentially 03:23 but those so those will be out of their 03:25 own time 03:26 but then you can actually go back and 03:28 actually chronic like i could sort these 03:30 things chronologically and make a feed 03:31 that's a chronological feed that gets to 03:33 it so like if you've started that feed 03:35 of the bigging and walked all the way 03:37 through 03:38 you've now listened to me for 100 03:39 episodes and you're hearing me talking 03:41 about starting again but acknowledging 03:42 that i'm starting again right um you 03:44 could just hear a single episode like 03:46 you could just hear this because for 03:48 whatever reason you found it 03:50 or you could hear some of the future 03:52 ones and then come back to this like you 03:54 could like you could pick up the you 03:56 could pick up the catalog in five years 03:57 you could listen to the last three 03:59 episodes then decide you want to go all 04:00 the way back to the start but do it and 04:01 start with this like there's all these 04:03 interactions and all these ways 04:05 and 04:06 i don't know 04:08 [Music] 04:09 like it's just an interesting thing for 04:12 me just so this is like this is 04:15 giving you a perspective of a thing that 04:17 i'm thinking about here which is like i 04:18 don't know how to talk to you 04:21 because i don't know 04:23 where in our relationship we are 04:26 and the 04:27 first thing as soon as i said that that 04:28 came to mind is uh if you have ever 04:31 watched doctor who 04:32 um and you're familiar with the 04:34 storyline of river song 04:37 there's similarities there um 04:40 that is really intriguing um 04:43 that story's probably done in several 04:44 places or whatever but like that's the 04:45 one i i like doctor who a lot and 04:48 that's that's a good one i'm not gonna 04:50 spoil i'm not gonna spoilers 04:53 um 04:54 i will just say that there are parallels 04:56 there uh 04:57 also if you've not watched doctor who i 04:59 think i have on my website a list of 05:01 episodes of doctor who that you want to 05:03 watch you can either watch all of them 05:05 or it's like a parse down list of 05:07 um the ones that by general consensus 05:10 people said like these are like the the 05:12 main story ones and get you like not 05:14 having to watch all the ones that 05:15 maybe either aren't great or aren't the 05:17 best um 05:18 that aren't like central to the main 05:20 storyline 05:23 but yeah so it's i don't know it's like 05:24 there's there's going to be some back 05:26 and forth of 05:29 figuring that out but increasingly and 05:31 and you'll actually 05:33 hear this as i go through with some of 05:35 the other things from from the years ago 05:36 from the from the before times from the 05:38 forecasts i guess oh before cast 05:41 ah that's not bad um from the before 05:44 cast 05:48 before but like forecast yeah okay 05:50 that's interesting i don't know i don't 05:51 play with that one um 05:54 but it's also like i kept 05:56 i would keep running into this issue of 06:02 this same type of stuff like trying to 06:03 figure out like where we are so whatever 06:05 like we'll hear all about that um but 06:07 yeah so this this will be this is kind 06:09 of the way that i think these might run 06:11 where 06:13 we do a 06:17 an episode like a proper episode and 06:19 then i kind of chill out and then back 06:21 off a little bit or whatever because 06:22 like i sometimes get rammed up like i i 06:25 think i will tend my expectation is i 06:27 will tend to get ramped up in the 06:28 original episodes 06:29 and then as i do those 06:31 then i'll kind of cut back but sometimes 06:33 absolutely what will happen is i'll 06:35 still be like rolling on the idea 06:37 and we'll get back into it again and 06:39 whatever um also who knows how long is 06:40 it gonna last like summer will last a 06:42 while someone lasts less long i'm not 06:44 worried about any of that um the other 06:46 thing just to put straight out there is 06:47 i am in no way looking for a sponsorship 06:50 or 06:52 any type of monetariable monetary 06:55 monetary thing associated with this like 06:58 i 06:59 my goal 07:01 is to be able to do this 07:04 for myself 07:05 for the thing that i want to do with no 07:08 external thing um lots of people run 07:10 podcasts and they're trying to get 07:11 sponsorships and doing the things 07:12 totally get that i'm in a position where 07:14 i don't have to worry about that and 07:18 i'm also in a position where 07:22 the the effort like the the way that i 07:24 would have to go about trying to like 07:26 monetize and do that stuff would make me 07:28 not want to do this like it's this extra 07:30 effort it's having to do it it's like 07:31 having all the sponsorship in it's 07:33 trying to like cut in ads or do you like 07:34 all that other stuff like i just that 07:36 would make me not do this thing 07:38 and i want to continue to do the thing 07:40 so like it's just it's just not gonna 07:42 happen um same thing happened with my 07:44 website for the longest time i 07:45 did never did ads never did any of that 07:47 stuff for a very brief time i put um 07:51 like sponsor not sponsorship but like uh 07:54 the links where if you click on them 07:56 you get money if somebody clicks on them 07:57 and it goes to amazon or whatever um 08:00 now 08:01 am i saying that i would never do that 08:02 again no this like if i do this for the 08:05 next 50 years and like all of a sudden 08:07 there's a bunch of followers a bunch of 08:08 listeners whatever and like they're 08:09 clicking on stuff and like i could get 08:11 some money off of that yeah sure maybe 08:13 but 08:15 as much as possible i'm gonna push back 08:16 against that unless it's like okay 08:19 are you there there is everybody's got a 08:21 number i have a number i don't know what 08:23 that i haven't really thought what that 08:24 number is but there's a number out there 08:25 absolutely but i am not at all worried 08:28 about that and i'm not worried and i 08:29 don't ever want to have to inch close to 08:31 it like i don't have to get there inch 08:32 by inch like either 08:34 i'm going to be at 0 or i'm going to be 08:36 100. like i don't want to like move 08:38 through and have to deal with it that 08:39 way um 08:40 and i i'm not and please understand i'm 08:43 not trying to like knock on folks that 08:44 do that um 08:46 that's just that's not where my head's 08:47 at so 08:49 uh i think that'll run it for this one 08:51 too 08:51 and 08:53 yeah it feels about right so uh the 08:56 other thing that i still have to figure 08:57 out a little bit about is getting out of 08:58 these like what's the as good strategy 09:00 like so maybe i should just say and now 09:02 i'm going to eject and then like 09:04 or do whatever the sound is but i don't 09:06 know let's go we'll figure that out 09:09 appreciate you all 09:10 take it easy be kind we will see you 09:12 next time 09:13 cheers