ThePodOfAlan - Season 1 - Episode 4 Aftershow

November - 2021

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00:00 [Music] 00:05 okay after show 00:07 yeah i i 00:09 the hello world thing it's still i'm 00:10 gonna go back and forth and back forth 00:11 on that because i it's that that little 00:13 introduction that can be nice and 00:14 helpful um yeah so i i really this was 00:18 one of those where i was definitely 00:19 going through the idea of let's just 00:21 let's just make one and see what happens 00:24 and i was pushing on it a little bit 00:25 more than usual 00:28 because i didn't like when i was doing 00:30 the car ones 00:31 it would often be 00:34 i don't know maybe i'd do a couple in a 00:36 week and then it would be a few weeks 00:37 before i do another one 00:39 and usually there would be something 00:41 specific that would get me 00:44 to do one like i'd have like i'd see 00:46 something or think about something or 00:47 whatever and that would be 00:49 the the process it would kind of like 00:50 percolate in my mind and then i'd be 00:53 like oh okay i'd like next time in the 00:54 car i'm gonna go talk about this and 00:56 i'll start talking about this 00:58 and then we'll turn the and the mic will 01:00 be on and we'll just let it go and we'll 01:01 see we'll see what happens um 01:03 with 01:04 with this one i didn't have as much i i 01:06 wanted to talk about the alabama 01:08 football thing because that was new 01:09 but then like as i started to do the 01:12 recording i kind of like that kind of 01:13 phased out of my brain so it wasn't like 01:15 it was super 01:16 um percolating in there it wasn't super 01:19 front of mind um and it hadn't like 01:24 you know stewed a little bit and kind of 01:26 like 01:27 i can't think of any other cooking 01:28 analogies right now but like it hadn't 01:30 like 01:31 solidified or 01:34 ripened probably ripened as a good word 01:35 like it hadn't the thought hadn't 01:36 ripened into 01:38 something more uh tangible 01:41 but i was i wanted to see what happens 01:42 if we if we try these and i'm also 01:45 interested it's it's a kind of an 01:47 interesting balance because 01:49 i'm interested in getting several of 01:51 these out and going so um i think i've 01:55 done three episodes each with an after 01:56 show so that's six 01:58 this will be 01:59 four which will be eight and 02:02 i'm i'm pushing them out as as the as we 02:04 go now like uh i'm i'm gonna find the 02:06 software probably this evening or the 02:08 this weekend to 02:09 to line the thing up and go um 02:12 and like 02:13 like actually send it out and say like 02:15 hey here's the thing like i've already 02:16 put it up on the site uh i just need to 02:18 get it in a podcast 02:20 uh 02:21 application basically so that it can 02:22 show up in a player 02:23 and for that i need to figure out 02:25 exactly how i'm going to do it because 02:27 one of the aspects that i want with this 02:29 is 02:30 i don't necessarily want this tied to a 02:32 given service 02:34 what i mean by that is if i if i have it 02:37 hosted somewhere 02:39 um 02:40 the link 02:42 from the from like on your application 02:44 when your application goes and gets the 02:45 podcast it will be pointed at that 02:47 service 02:49 and i don't want that to happen i wanted 02:50 to be pointed at my website at my place 02:53 specifically i can do all the hosting of 02:54 the like the files and all the other 02:55 stuff somewhere else but like the actual 02:57 connection between the podcast app and 03:00 the 03:02 the feed that like 03:03 makes the podcast happen i want that 03:05 feed to be on my site 03:07 so that that way 03:09 i have control over i'm not i'm not like 03:11 what we call vendor lock-in or vendor 03:13 locked in locked into a vendor where 03:16 uh if i've got it on you know podcast 03:19 service a 03:21 and they go out of business which could 03:23 happen or they get bought and they start 03:26 changing their business model which can 03:28 very likely have like that can really 03:30 happen 03:31 then 03:32 i i want to have the capability of 03:34 moving it to some other place 03:36 but the way that i can do that is by not 03:38 starting it in a foreign place to begin 03:41 with and just writing it straight off of 03:43 my site but i don't have to 03:45 build all the stuff 03:47 to to make a full podcast thing like i 03:49 don't have to do the hosting i don't 03:50 have to do whatever but if i can just 03:53 and i think what i'm going to do 03:55 is i'm going to find a service that i 03:56 like 03:57 and i'm going to host everything there 03:59 and they're gonna provide that feed that 04:02 populates the podcast 04:03 but instead of pointing all you know 04:07 spotify and apple music and overcast and 04:09 all the other things to that feed 04:11 i'm gonna make a copy of the feed on my 04:13 site and then just point everything 04:14 there because that way i've got that 04:16 control over it because i 04:17 a thing that i have i've run into 04:20 a few times and in general with 04:23 stuff on the web is 04:26 the longevity of the thing where 04:30 i was i was just looking today for 04:32 um an article from uh uh author named 04:36 corey doctorow doctoro again i don't 04:38 know how to say that 04:39 uh about the outboard brain and like i 04:41 found the page 04:43 like i found the link to the page 04:46 and it had the title 04:47 and it had the byline 04:50 but it did not have the contents of the 04:51 actual article that was the story that i 04:54 was looking for 04:55 and so i went like five or six other 04:56 places including one place that's uh 04:58 this this site that's called the 05:00 internet uh archive or the wayback 05:01 machine 05:02 and it wasn't on the wayback machine and 05:04 it wasn't over here and wasn't over 05:05 there so i kept i kept digging around 05:07 and i finally found it but that is a 05:10 problem with links where 05:13 it's it's really easy for links to go um 05:16 to go away on the site and it's also 05:18 really easy for services to change so 05:20 for example if i'm gonna go onto a 05:21 podcast service and right now they they 05:24 don't put ads on your 05:26 uh 05:27 podcast 05:28 that doesn't mean that they won't soon 05:30 or that they won't get bought in that 05:31 other place would like the the the 05:34 ownership of 05:36 the experience belonging to somebody 05:38 else means you are at their whim 05:41 and 05:43 that can be fine 05:45 especially short term but i'm thinking 05:47 about this long term especially because 05:48 i've just spent all this time working on 05:49 my website that's 05:50 like i've got 15 years of content on 05:52 there and the website's like five or six 05:54 or seven years older than that 05:56 so i very much want to think like i like 05:58 is this company that i'm working with 06:00 gonna be around that long 06:01 maybe but are they gonna change their 06:02 business model maybe so 06:05 that's kind of where my head's at with 06:06 that um 06:08 and we'll 06:09 as we'll see like it 06:11 i'm going to do whatever work it takes 06:13 to make sure that i have control of the 06:15 thing because i don't want to seed 06:17 control of the podcast 06:19 to anybody um and that that'll make sure 06:22 that 06:22 it lives for as long as i have it going 06:24 like i i will be in control of its 06:26 destiny um 06:28 if i let the server die that it's on 06:30 then that's on me but hopefully that 06:32 won't happen um but yeah so 06:35 i don't know i i figured that'll do it 06:37 for now the i'm gonna go do some work on 06:39 that and we'll get the podcast actually 06:42 kind of running up and moving 06:43 and 06:45 visible to people and and we'll see it 06:47 from there so everybody have a good one 06:50 take it easy be kind we will see you 06:52 next time cheers