Aftershow for S1:E10 - The Pod Of Alan

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Topics Include

  • Slowing down, maybe
  • Pedantic inaccuracies
  • Strong writing and strong podcasting
  • Making a personal podcast
  • The hallway track


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00;00;04;28 - 00;00;25;27

After show, I feel like I not that I need to slow down because I'm like, I'm talking at the pace that I talk when I do these things, but I'm wondering what it would be like if I actually not focused on because like the focus, I kind of don't focus when I'm doing these.

00;00;25;27 - 00;00;41;20

I don't know. It's just kind of like. It feels a little bit like a slaloming somehow like down a hill, staying on a path, but like I didn't define that path. That's just kind of what's happening. But I wonder what would happen if I intentionally slowed down.

00;00;42;05 - 00;00;57;05

So what I am doing right now is slowing down, talking about it. My voice has actually dropped a little bit too, as I do that because I realize when I speak very quickly, my voice tends to go up hour by hour, binds or binds.

00;00;57;22 - 00;01;16;21

That's a different thing. Are our minds, our bodies right? Are are connected and like by physically changing the pace that I'm speaking? Also kind of lowering my voice. I feel like I'm thinking differently, like I feel like I'm actually more pondering, more contemplative.

00;01;16;21 - 00;01;31;02

Contemplative. That might be. Who knows? Something else to look at? I don't know. And here's the other thing with this there's going to be a certain number of people or a certain type of person who will hunt for what do we want to call it?

00;01;32;01 - 00;01;52;03

Pedantic inaccuracies or pedantic, I don't know vulnerabilities with anything out there, I am going to do my best to not care about that. A thing that I'm trying not to do is not make statements that aren't super accurate or like trying to speak for you.

00;01;52;04 - 00;02;08;01

Basically, we're saying that we do this, but there are times when I do that and there's going to be some amount of like the pedantic aspect out there. It's like, Oh, that's not always the case. Correct. Because so far in life, I've discovered nothing that is always the case.

00;02;08;27 - 00;02;25;26

Until you get down to like binary math where it's like, this is either a one or 20, but these are abstract concepts, then whatever. I'm not that worried about it, but I kind of want to say it. If that's your bag, maybe don't make that your bag for now.

00;02;26;00 - 00;02;45;15

Just kind of sit back and relax. Then one of the reasons I am aware of this is I used to do this. I used to be very. Focused on the accuracy of statements both my own and other people's, sometimes two in non forgiving level, I don't think I was super and asked about it.

00;02;45;15 - 00;02;57;01

But like I know there have been times I've been an ass about it and like anybody and sometimes like, I'm not, I'm not beat myself up about it, but it's a thing that I try not to do. But it's also a thing that's interested me with strong writing.

00;02;58;07 - 00;03;15;14

I've got a friend who's an editor, one of the things that he's talk with me about is when you're writing a piece, putting in all these qualifiers makes the piece less strong. But it's hard for me to not put a qualifier in because I'm not seeing the qualifiers as making it.

00;03;15;21 - 00;03;28;27

And this is the way that I see things versus this is the way that the thing is. I think there's there needs to be some kind of a balance in there. I'm not an expert enough in most of these things to say like this is the way that our thing is.

00;03;29;21 - 00;03;43;05

But I also don't want it to feel wishy washy all the time because I don't think that's as I say, entertaining, but like gripping that that's not as I don't know what a good word is there as mutually communicative.

00;03;43;05 - 00;03;58;06

No, what's what's a good? What's a good word for this? What am I trying to say? It's not as connecting. I'm going back and forth on all this stuff. I feel like there's a little bit of noise in that overhead if I'm always backing off of what I'm saying.

00;03;58;27 - 00;04;10;20

Oh, that's just me, or it's just what I like it. It's just and I keep I keep kind of moving away from the mike and I keep kind of moving away from from the statement. That's less appealing, less.

00;04;11;18 - 00;04;23;03

Again, I want to use the word entertaining, because that's not. Like, I hope this is entertaining, but I hope this is different than just entertaining. I don't really know what I hope the reaction is, but I hope it's personal.

00;04;23;28 - 00;04;39;29

I guess that's the biggest thing, so it would be less personal. This is a personal conversation between you and me, dear listener. When I'm visualizing and I'm not really visualizing visualizing, but when I'm thinking about the audience out there, I'm not thinking that I'm speaking to a crowd.

00;04;41;08 - 00;05;01;22

I'm kind of speaking to. My friends. And then some people also that may be interested in some of the ideas that I have like a hallway track, so it can't be tech conferences. There's this idea of like there's this big, you know, the conference room where the big comfort in that conference room, that's a that's a different

00;05;01;22 - 00;05;15;07

thing, that's a business thing. But like the conference auditorium, I don't know the place where the people talk when they give the conference. So you go and you sit and somebody goes on stage and for 30 to 45 to 50 minutes, they do a conference talk and it's cool.

00;05;15;29 - 00;05;32;26

But then this idea of the hallway track where in between the sessions as everybody's moving back and forth between the various rooms, there's all these hallway conversations that happen. Sometimes those are between friends. Sometimes it has been people who've only ever met on the internet who are meeting in real life for the first time.

00;05;33;06 - 00;05;43;00

Sometimes it's one of the speakers coming back and then talking with their friends or some other people that were in the audience that have questions or whatever. But like, there's that hallway experience in the hallway track is what they call it.

00;05;43;17 - 00;05;56;06

To me, this feels like that like, this is just a conversation that's out there that happens to be very one sided with me talking to whoever is in the hallway track that we're around and having the conversation with.

00;05;56;18 - 00;06;08;14

And the neat thing about the conversation is, even though it is just me right now, I will hear other things from other people in other places at other times, and that is part of the conversation for me. So that's the input.

00;06;09;08 - 00;06;30;05

The things that come in are all of the rest of that stuff that I experience. And then this is a conversation about those things. This is the back and forth of that with basically my, I don't know if thoughts, observations, reactions, who knows, like just the regular conversation of it, even though it's just me, except it's not

00;06;30;06 - 00;06;42;21

because it's us. And like, I think that's really cool. So I'm glad you're here. I hope you have a good one. We will do this again very soon. In the meantime, as always, be kind and be cool, which is apparently the sign off that I'm loading up on and doing.

00;06;43;10 - 00;06;46;15

I'm fine with that. Take it easy. We'll see you soon. Cheers.