Aftershow for S1:E3 - The Pod Of Alan

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Topics Include

  • General Content/Trigger Warning - occasionally, there will be talk of suicide and suicidal ideation
  • Repetition is a thing
  • Meta-Repetition is a thing
  • The Ryan Reynolds Will Ferrell TikTok


NOTE: This is an auto-generated transcript. Sometimes the computer gets the words wrong. Let me know if you see anything weird.

00;00;05;07 - 00;00;19;00

And now we're doing the after show. Welcome to the show. I almost did a Helloworld thing again today, but I think I'm going to stick to not doing that for a while. I think it actually makes an OK introduction to me, like, Hello world, welcome to this edition of static props.

00;00;19;00 - 00;00;29;13

Because that's the word that's in front of me right now because I'm doing some coding stuff. I mean, not now, but, you know, in general. I didn't really know where that one was going to go. I often don't know where these are going to go.

00;00;29;14 - 00;00;39;11

I just kind of have an idea to start with today. The idea to start with was just that thing of like, I had this tweet that went viral and then all of a sudden that turned into all the rest of that stuff.

00;00;40;06 - 00;00;55;06

They just kind of goes. For those of you who are new, which does probably most of you, that's just kind of the format here of how these are going to roll. I don't really come up with a specific idea for the big thing.

00;00;55;12 - 00;01;07;18

I just have something that I want to start with and then I start and then it just kind of goes wherever it goes. So mental health stuff is definitely to come up. There will be times and I threw the warning out there.

00;01;07;28 - 00;01;19;23

But just to put the overall warning on this, there will be suicidal ideation talk in some of the use of suicidal trigger warnings. I will put trigger warnings in front of the stuff when I'm about to talk about it, but this is just kind of a heads up.

00;01;20;10 - 00;01;33;14

But yeah, so I feel a little bit different doing these, but not as different as I would have thought, because in the other ones that I was doing in the car, I had that action right. I was doing like I was doing something, but here I'm not doing anything.

00;01;33;25 - 00;01;46;28

It's just kind of sitting here and talking. It doesn't feel significantly different if it's a little bit different, but not a big jump, different couple of housekeeping things. I will repeat myself during these. Sometimes I may even say different things of the same topic.

00;01;47;17 - 00;01;58;17

There's a bunch of struggles that I went through when I was kind of making the first batch of these, and some of it was being worried about saying the same thing and doing repetition. I have gotten to the point where I don't care about that.

00;01;59;03 - 00;02;12;14

It's on the don't care. It's that I'm unconcerned about repeating myself or repeating the same topic or repeating whatever. If the topic is in the flow of the thing, then it fits the fact that I might have talked about it before.

00;02;12;24 - 00;02;26;22

It's not something I'm going to fret about. Amusingly, one of the things you'll hear repetition about is me being concerned about being repetitive when we actually published the Before Times ones, I probably won't bring that up too much, even though it is still a little bit weird.

00;02;27;14 - 00;02;35;19

So I've actually pushed a couple of these out. This has become like a real thing. I was nervous about doing this today because I was a little bit like, What am I going to do? What am I to say?

00;02;36;05 - 00;02;47;26

Having that thought was not something that was in my head during the before times episodes of the car episodes because they weren't out yet. So it kind of didn't matter. But now it's just like, Yeah, this is a thing.

00;02;47;26 - 00;02;59;24

And like, I'm going live with it or like, it's live. I think that'll probably rapid this will be a short after show, which will happen sometimes they can be long, they can be not, they can be something. There's a song that's like that.

00;02;59;24 - 00;03;16;29

They can hear what it is. What is that song? Oh no, it's the it's the Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell thing from tick tock. You can be purple, you can be blue, you can be whatever and whatever. I'm not going to sing it because that is not a skill that I have acquired or gained or just have

00;03;16;29 - 00;03;24;08

, period. But yeah, so that'll do it. I appreciate your take it easy. We will see you next time. Until then, be cool and be kind. Cheers.