Aftershow for S1:E4 - The Pod Of Alan

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OK. Aftershow Diallo thing, it's still I'm going to go back and forth, then I'm back for the night. It's that little introduction that can be nice and helpful. This was one of those where I was definitely going through the idea of let's just make one and see what happens when I was in the car ones.

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I don't know. Maybe I do a couple in a week and then it would be a few weeks before I do another one. Usually there would be something specific that would get me to do one. Like I'd see something or I'd think about something.

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It would kind of percolate in my mind. Then I'd be like, OK, next, I'm in the car. I'm going to go start talking about this in the Michael Michael on, and we'll just let it go and we'll see what happens.

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I'm interested in getting several of these out. I just need to get it in the podcast application so that it can show up in a player. For that, I need to figure out exactly how I'm going to do it.

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I don't want this tied to a given service. If I have it hosted somewhere where your application goes and gets the podcast, it will be pointed at that service and I don't want that to happen. I wanted to be pointed at my website that way.

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I'm not what we call vendor lock in or vendor locked in, locked into a vendor. If I've got it on podcast service A and they go out of business, which could happen or they get bought and they start changing their business model, which can really happen, then I want to have the capability of moving to some other

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place. The way that I can do that is by not starting it in a foreign place to begin with, just running it straight off of my site. But I don't have to build all the stuff to make a full podcast thing like I won't have to do the hosting.

00;01;34;03 - 00;01;44;08

I don't have to do whatever. I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to find a service that I like. I'm going to host everything there and they're going to provide that feed that populates the podcast.

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But instead of pointing Spotify and Apple Music and overcast to that feed, I'm going to make a copy of the feed on my site and then just point everything there. That way, I've got that controller right. A thing that I have run into with stuff on the web is the longevity of the thing.

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I was just looking for an article from the bathroom, Cory Doctorow, about the outboard brain. I found the link to the page and it had the title and it had the byline, but it did not have the contents of the actual article.

00;02;16;19 - 00;02;30;08

So I went like five or six other places and it wasn't over here and wasn't over there. So I kept I kept digging around and I finally found it. That is a problem with links. It's really easy for links to go away, and it's also really easy for services to change.

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For example, if I'm going to go onto a podcast service and right now they don't put ads on your podcast, that doesn't mean that they won't soon or that they won't get bought in another place. Would ownership of the experience belonging to somebody else means you are at their whim?

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That can be fine short term, but I'm thinking about this long term, especially because I've just spent all this time working on my website. I've got 15 years of content on there, so I very much want to think, is this company I'm working with is going to be around that long?

00;02;58;07 - 00;03;09;05

Maybe. But are they going to change your business model, maybe angry going do whatever work it takes to make sure that I have control of the thing that will make sure that it lives for as long as I have it going.

00;03;09;19 - 00;03;20;22

If I let the server Typekit it on, then that's on me. I'm going to do some work on that. We'll get the podcast actually going to run it up and move on, and we'll see it from there. Everybody have a good one.

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Take it easy, bekind, we will see you next time. Cheers.