Aftershow for S1:E8 - The Pod Of Alan

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Topics Include

  • Pondering the difference between the episode and the aftershow
  • Conversation vs pontification
  • I was going to say something else, but....
  • Wow, this one was short, but that's just fine


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After show, I'm putting music in front of all these, but it would be fun to like, how can aftershow one bumper, I think is what they call it. Just have a little thing like aftershow. I actually got some people that maybe I could talk to to get to do that.

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Yeah. Maybe we'll do that. We'll see how that goes because it would be fun to have that little thing in there that kind of separates the difference between the primary episodes and the secondary episodes. Hadn't super realized what I was doing with this, and I'm kind of even adjusting it right now where the first part of an

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episode or the first episode or the first, whatever. I'm not really sure what to call it is the episode. And then there's the aftershow. And I think one of the things that's interesting about it is the shift to or met a talk.

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The after show can be a review of the prior episode or a review of the episode that it was for, or it can be talking about whatever can continue going or whatever like it can be, whatever it's going to be.

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But I like the shift and I like the split. I feel like I'm talking a little bit more to you individually than making a speech. The episodes often feel like. I won't say making a speech, but that's the closest analogy that can come in my head right now.

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It's kind of going through and saying like, Hey, here's the thing, I'm going to talk about the thing and then we're going to see where it goes. This feels a little bit more conversational, like I feel like. I mean, obviously, I can't hear you, but I feel like I'm at least answering parts of a conversation, it feels

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like there's more something else out there that I'm responding to than the rest of the episode. That will always be the case. Sometimes it will. Sometimes it won't. I think maybe that'll actually wrap this one, too. We'll keep this one pretty short.

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I had another idea for something to say and it completely flew out of my brain, so we're not going to worry about that one. We're just going to keep moving and get all the way. You all take it easy.

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We'll see you next time. Have a good one. Cheers.