An Event Apart 2013 San Francisco Links

December, 2013

The San Francisco instance of the An Event Apart 2013 conference is in the books. An overwhelming amount of great, up-to-the-minute information on web design and development was shared. This post contains the links I compiled for future reference. Since an oft repeated theme of the conference is that we should all make an effort to share knowledge, I'm posting them here for posterities sake.

[Note to attendees: Yes. About 95% of the conference was focused on responsive design. No. This site is not responsive. Someday, I'll fix that. But if I waited until that happened, I'd never get anything posted.]


###The Links

This collection was built by running a script over the URLs I bookmarked. The source of the HTML returned was parsed. The text form the HTML <title> tag was used for the link. The content from the <meta name="description"> tag was used for the follow up description. Lots of sites didn't have the meta tag which is why several links don't have follow up descriptions. It's interesting to me to see how sites are treating those two tags.