Another strikeBlack-strike Brown Widow

Found this little surprise in the garage today:

![Image: aws-20120521--1809-02.jpg" caption="Brown (not Black) Widow in the garage](/aws-20120521--1809-02.jpg" caption="Brown (not Black) Widow in the garage)

That makes either three or four Black Widows I've found in my garage. Thankfully, each time they have been perched against a light enough background that I see them immediately. Here's hoping they continue that pattern.

I shot this one with my little Canon S100 point and shoot. If I ever get a macro lens for the big camera, I'll setup a real portrait of one before dispatching it.

Update: Further research indicates that this is actually a Brown Widow Spider aka Latrodectus geometricus. Geometricus is now added to my list of potential band names. In case you were wondering about L. geometricus, they have "a neurotoxic venom that, drop for drop, is as toxic as the black widow's."