Download A File From S3 With Node And V3 Of The AWS JavaScript SDK

  • Working on this in ~/workshop/aws_javascript_sdk_scratchpad/s3_download_file.js

Make a project and install the skd:

mkdir some_thing
cd some_thing
npm init -i
# fill stuff out
yarn add @aws-sdk/client-s3

echo 'console.log("Hello, World")' > index.js


  • In boto3 in python, you install a single module and get access to all the services. Here, AWS has setup to split each module to its own thing.

  • Look at this one for a sample for a test file: - But thinking why not just always do it the same with binary so you don't have to worry about making a switch - this one gets a URL instead of reading it directly - see if this is V2 or V3 (I think it's 2)