Embed Tableau

The only thing I had to do to embed a tableau dashboard in a NextJS site was to call the iframe and append :embed=y to the URL like:


There were some other options that shoed up when I sniffed the iframe out from the javascript, they were:


I took all of them out except the embed=y and the dashboard still worked. As soon as I took embed out, I got errors like:

To protect your security, tableau.acebi.us will not allow Firefox to display the page if another site has embedded it. To see this page, you need to open it in a new window.

And: Blank Screen and Error "Refused to display <URL of View> in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'SAMEORIGIN'" When Loading an Embedded View


tableau.example.com refused to connect in Chrome

The embed also works with my authentication/authorization which was handled by OneLogin (I expect the built in auth would work too)