Excellence in almost anything tends to amaze

I've said before that even if I'm not into something at all, I pretty much always like seeing examples of excellence in any category. Some folks I've met aren't like this. If something is outside of their normal orbit, they aren't interested or aren't willing to think about what it takes to excel. Thanks to the good ol' net, we can be exposed to excellence we would likely have never seen before. (Assuming it gets found in all the crap.) Take for example, hand clapping. It wouldn't have occurred to me to think about excellence in that field. Glad I followed the link to this just to see it though. Of course, I think it's easier to appreciate excellence in something that we can all understand or do. I can clap, but I sure can't do it like that guy. I don't have any desire to, but I'm still happy I saw it. I'm sure a ton of folks will make fun of the guy and the video, but mocking is easy.