Fixing A Index Page Not Found Error On A NextJS Site On Netlify

I setup a new Next.js site on Netlify that didn't quite work out of the box. When I did the deploy, I'd get "Page Not Found" on the home page. I'm not sure, but I think the reason is because I pointed Netlify at the GitHub repo before I pushed up the next.js code.

The things I needed to do for the fix were:

  1. In the UI under "Site Settings - Build and Deploy - Continuous Deployment - Build Settings" set:

    • Base directory: /
    • Build command: npm run build
    • Publish direcotry: /.next
  2. Under "Plugins", install the "Essential Next.js" plugin for the site.

With those change the next push/deploy got things working as expected.

NOTE: I think it's also possible to install the plugin as a module directly in your development environment with this instead of installing the plugin from the UI:

npm install --save @netlify/plugin-nextjs