Four Links For April 25 2011

Today's collection of interesting/useful links:

  1. Photo Mechanic on sale for $60 - Great price for a fantastic app (Regular price is $150.00). I use it for downloading, renaming and selecting images before moving to lightroom. Saves a ton of time. Sale goes to the end of April. (Thanks Caryn.)

  2. Click the Squares - Make some music, visually. (Thanks to T.)

  3. Postcards from Google Earth that Dali would enjoy - Sometimes, when 3D meets 2D, things get weird. (If the direct link doesn't get you there, choose Selected Projects - Bridges from the side nav.)

  4. Visualising iPad interaction through fingerprints - Smudges on iPad glass after using various apps. This reminds me of another piece discussing how worn down numbers on door keypads make passcodes easier to guess.