Gatsby Minimum Site Template

To build a site that isn't cloned off a template repo (e.g. gatsby-starter-hello-world or gatsby-starter-default), just run this by itself:

gatsby new

Then you can name the project and put in all the stuff you want for it directly. It has a few plugins you can add directly as well.

Note, this does create an index.js file and an image file and a 404.js file, but it doesn't add anything to your gatsby-config other than what you put into the creation wizard

Don't Really Need To Use The Below

To create the most basic site, use:

gatsby new markdown_responsive_images

This is the minimal version with no images or other assets that would otherwise get installed with gatsby new

It's also possible to create one manually with:

    mkdir my-new-gatsby-site
    cd my-new-gatsby-site
    npm init
    npm install gatsby react react-dom
    # NOTE: This doesn't work right now, because of a version conflict on gatsby and it's router with react
    mkdir src
    cd src
    mkdir pages

Then put this in ./src/pages/index.js

import React from "react"
export default function Home() {
    return <h1>Hello Gatsby!</h1>

Then you're ready to run this from the my-new-gatsby-site directory

gatsby develop