I'm A Tic Toker Now - The Pod Of Alan - S1:E8

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Topics Include

  • Doing the first one
  • Getting stuck over-thinking the first one
  • Considering the energy to do creative works
  • Keeping it simple and actually doing the first one
  • The visible barriers to getting started
  • The invisible barrier to getting started
  • The first one isn't supposed to be great. It's simply supposed to be the first one


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00;00;07;26 - 00;00;23;10

So I've started to tick tock, sorry, tick talking. I actually don't know what the term is for that. Like, I started to make videos and posting them on TikTok. I'm a TikToker. I was talking with a friend. They're doing some Tik Tok stuff, and I thought a little bit about Tik Tok.

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And I've actually posted a couple. I was just messing around and I did like a first one that was computer hacker looking scene where you had a whole bunch of like random stuff happening on the screen that hello world up in the corner and had some like cool techie music behind it.

00;00;36;06 - 00;00;51;01

Another one that was like a clip of Fortnite with the don't be suspicious tell. It was cool, like it was fun. I was trying to figure out what I actually wanted to do with the platform or if I wanted to do anything with the platform, although I'm not really a huge fan of the term platform that gives

00;00;51;01 - 00;01;04;07

it that business feel to it that I'm not a huge fan of. Let's call the thing what it is, what I wanted to do with TikTok. And I wasn't sure that I actually had anything that I wanted to do, but it kind of had my interest a little bit, but not too much because I had started doing

00;01;04;07 - 00;01;23;07

these podcasts and these things run, you know, 15, 30, 45 minutes. The longest video that you can put on TikTok is three minutes. When I first thought through that, I was like, Oh, I can't do anything there, because in my brain was, I can't do a three minute video because my videos are 15 minutes or 45 minutes

00;01;24;01 - 00;01;34;15

. So I kind of stopped. I didn't really think about it. They didn't go any further than that. It was just like, That doesn't work for me. But then talking with this person we were talking about, I just got to do the first one and just kind of get going.

00;01;34;21 - 00;01;44;02

I was like, Wait a minute, I could actually just do one and see what it's like, like run the experiment. And so I had the idea to do it, and I was like, I'm just got to do something.

00;01;44;02 - 00;01;58;12

I'm not really sure what. And then when I started to do was go down this path of production optimization. I've got my streaming gear. I could set up and figure out how to record one of the videos for Tik, but do it with the same set up that I'm doing these podcasts with.

00;01;58;23 - 00;02;09;22

So that gets really high quality and the mic sounds good, but there's a little bit of a difference to that. I would have to figure out how to crop things differently because the TikTok videos are up and down versus regular videos, which are side to side.

00;02;10;11 - 00;02;21;29

I wasn't sure how to upload them. There were some unknowns in there to the process of making things happen. And that was hanging me up. I couldn't see past that, or I would, I would I would think about those.

00;02;21;29 - 00;02;32;20

I was like, Oh, I have to deal with that. I'm just going to deal with that later. And I'm not going to mess with it now. And I would just kind of keep kicking the can down the road until it wouldn't have happened.

00;02;32;24 - 00;02;49;09

Now I'm on vacation this week, so I might have possibly gotten to it. Maybe, but who knows. But like, if it was during the regular workweek, it's unlikely that I would have done it because the energy to kind of like, activate through that or jump through that is not something I have traditionally come home with.

00;02;49;26 - 00;03;01;25

When you're on vacation, you have this extra energy with what you can do. These things, or it's not that the energy is extra, it's that you have an availability of energy that you don't normally have because work takes the energy away.

00;03;02;17 - 00;03;13;18

Having this extra of having the availability of energy that would have otherwise been taken up with work would have given me the chance to do that. But even with that, I was still kind of kicking the can down the road.

00;03;14;13 - 00;03;27;14

Then what I realized was, wait a minute, why? Like, why am I super worried about this? Plenty of people just do it on their phone, so I'm just going to like, turn on the phone, try and hold the camera still as possible, record one and see what happens.

00;03;28;09 - 00;03;44;19

And that was perfect that let me do the first one and that got the first one out of the way. And once I had the first one out of the way, then I could actually go back and start thinking about the idea of let me go like make a higher quality production one and use my stream stuff

00;03;45;08 - 00;03;58;17

. And the trick that I didn't realize was that there was a visible part that was holding me up. An invisible part of the visible part was I was getting stuck on the idea of having to figure out this production stuff, how I want to like crop the things and how do we need to go.

00;03;58;17 - 00;04;11;18

Look at YouTube videos to figure out how to make all these things happen. Invisible part that was combined with that and gave it the weight that stopped me was the idea that this is a new thing. I haven't done this before.

00;04;11;18 - 00;04;25;19

I don't know what that's going to be like and not having done the first one. There's this back pressure of resistance that was keeping me from getting going, from starting it. It felt like it manifested in that process stuff.

00;04;26;00 - 00;04;34;21

But it really wasn't as much about the process stuff. It was more about getting the first one out there because as soon as I did that, all the rest of the stuff was easy. I was like, Oh, OK, let me just go.

00;04;34;21 - 00;04;46;00

Look this stuff up. Now I've done this thing, I've got it out there and I can go, just walk through this thing. It feels like it should have been that easy to figure out the production staff on the first one as a second one, but that is not how it works.

00;04;46;01 - 00;04;58;23

I had to get the first one out of the way before whatever part of my brain was hung up with. The invisible thing could get past that and then could actually get to the part that it could address and see the visible thing.

00;04;59;07 - 00;05;17;26

And I think that's really interesting. There's this aspect of getting started that was associated with things that I could recognize and those felt so big that I couldn't get started, but those weren't. The problem proved by the fact that as soon as I'd done the first one, I was able to do those same z things very easily

00;05;18;10 - 00;05;35;17

. The problem, and I don't really want to use the word problem, but the bottleneck or the stopper or the resistance was the invisible part, and I just had to get through that. And part of getting through that is the exercise and the practice of doing the first one and being OK with the fact that the first one

00;05;35;17 - 00;05;45;16

is going to be the first one and it's not going to be great. And that is fine because the first one isn't supposed to be great. The first one is simply supposed to be the first step. I dig it.

00;05;46;17 - 00;05;56;00

So that'll do it for this one. You'll have a good one. Take it easy. We will see you next time. It's a really harsh. Quick cut ending. Who knows? I don't know. It felt like a fascinating, but I like can feel like the right place.

00;05;56;01 - 00;05;59;25

So we're going to cut there. You'll have a good one. Take it easy. We'll see you next time.