Ideas Topics And Follow Ups For The Podcast

November - 2021

Follow ups:

S1:E6 - Main Show

  • Worth pointing out that I went back and edited the episodes before 6 as I figured it out (might have talked about that later, so keep an eye out for it)
  • About 3 min talk about editing and finding the rightness of the thing in film editing but not in my editing so much. But that's not accurate. Finding the rightness of the thing is what I'm doing with the edits. Paring down to get to the best version

S1:E6 - Aftershow

  • Talk about using "that's interesting" as a way to separte from feels a little so you can examine them without being overrun by them

S1:E10 - Main Show

  • Talking about mentorship and how videos could be a part of that, but there's still so many out there that there's no guidance intrinsic in them about which one is the most beneficial one to do.


  • Actually talk about the diamond age

Some possible topics for the podcast to get things started.

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0, Talk about follow up and doing it. 
0, Follow up from Episode 11 and it's aftershow where you actually talk about the diamond age
0, Examples that aren't complete or have too much cruft
0, Rubber Ducking
0, Artistic Conatraints of TikTok
0, Chapter A Day Reading
0, Making Is invigorating
0, I'd play a tenor instead of alto if I had to do it over again
0, William Gibson Vegas Room and the state of your office
1, Music that saved my life - the radio station commercial that got you.
1, Talk about editing - how I was thinking I wouldn't edit, and when I watched some I was fine with that, but when I just listened to it it changed my mind
0, Sane Defaults - why doesn't the 'wrinkle control' default to on? Probalby an energy saving thing, but for the few seconds it runs every 10 minutes it would be better to have it on by default.
0, Making notes of topics - not something I did before - feels a little like cheating somehow, but it's really just the evolution of the thing
2, Moving to 4K even though that doesn't matter now. (not doing video so this isn't a thing any more)
0, The coffee maker at the office where one button you have to hold and the other you have to press stop. 
0, My notecards and collecting notes
0, Not having ideas like I used to (in the before days, I could have ripped off twenty things here in no time, but I'm not coming up with much right now.. though, it is late...)
0, Our identity as we get older and even now. What "are we" -
0, Developer Advocite metrics article to read:
0, Trying not to be "that guy" -
0, The Hub Initiative - Personal sites/hubs with control of the content and links and comments and access
0, Buying an expensive mac and expensive tools in general
0, Success iceburg graphic - - note that it's missing luck.
0, Vanity Metrics - vs. dollars. Since I'm not after dollars, they are all vanity and that's fine (even though I'm not really tracking them at the moment. I go for months at a time without looking at my analytics)
0, Usability like gmail where when you mouse over the inbox it raises the chat window so it's under your cursor
0, Talk about the idea of a covers streaming service that gets blanket mechanical licenses
0, Bands playing the same sone for 20 years. Dave Matthews in parcicular since you saw him as the first show at bama
0, Tone all the images for each episode differently with a random color
0, The Govee API for controlling lights and why does it have to be external
0, Replacing the word "ability" with "tolerance" when thinking about if you can do something or not

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