Introducing My Van

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Today, I added another mark to my scorecard's eccentricity column. Instead of using the money I was saving to replace my cheap 32" with a big screen TV, I bought a cargo van.

I've been kicking around the idea for a few years. It's in my nature to try to be self-sufficient. It's also in my nature to get into projects that require me to haul big things. A van makes sense here. No more borrowing friends' vehicles when I need something moved. But those projects aren't especially frequent. It would be tough to justify a van for the hauling purposes alone. The key to the decision was my second rational: I'm going to turn the van into a Mini RV.

![Image: aws-20120720--1627-01.jpg" caption="My future RV](/aws-20120720--1627-01.jpg" caption="My future RV)

Road tripping has always been one of my favorite pastimes. My car is great for trips where a house or hotel sits at the end of the day's road. While I've slept in it, that's something I only do when absolutely necessary. I avoid planning multi-day trip in just the car. With an investment of time and elbow grease, the van will become my stand-in RV. No shower or running water, but a bed, mini grill and (some day) solar panels will open up the road multi-day excursions.

I've got several ideas for trips with one big one that's officially on my bucket list: 

> Attend every Bama game in a single season.

That adventure is still a few years away, but the van is what's going to get me there. Who knows? Maybe I'll even do a photographic version of the only sports book I've ever read: [Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer]( In the mean time, I'll start saving up again for a big screen. I'm sure I'll get one some day. Whether or not that comes before or after solar panels remains to be seen. 

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