Introducing Today I Learned

Code snippets represent a large portion of my posts. They generally include, "While working on X, I ran into issue Y and came up with this solution Z..." type descriptions for context. Interesting as that might be, they aren't critical. What they are is time consuming to produce. I post less often because of that. Inspired by the HashRocket's Today I Learned blog1, I'm changing my approach and dropping the backstory.

Starting today, code snippet posts will fall under umbrella "Today I Learned: ..." titles. There will still be enough context to make sense, but the specific reasons I went down any particular rabbit hole will be greatly reduced. I figure this will cut two thirds or more off writing time.

Less muss, less fuss, more posts.


  1. Today I Learned from the crew at Hashrocket - Frequent snippet posts. It's only been going for a couple months. There's already a bunch of nice things though. Good stuff.