Its Been Raining

A few weeks ago, I made a post1 on how it's been drought-level-dry in my neck of the woods. Apparently, that's the modern day equivalent of a rain dance. The skies opened up and we've been getting drenched (including a bout of precipitation from a tropical storm) every day since.

For a visual aid in the earlier post, I shot some photos of the little pond in my back yard. Here's the original photo from May 21st.

![Image: aws-20120521--1501-01.jpg" caption="Low water level](/aws-20120521--1501-01.jpg" caption="Low water level)

Here's a shot from roughly the same place taken today (June 14th).

![Image: aws-20120614--1950-01.jpg" caption="High water level](/aws-20120614--1950-01.jpg" caption="High water level)

I don't know how deep the pond is, but it wouldn't surprise me if the volume of water has doubled between the shots. For another comparison, check the water level at the overflow drain.


![Image: aws-20120521--1459-02.jpg" caption="Low water at the drain](/aws-20120521--1459-02.jpg" caption="Low water at the drain)


![Image: aws-20120612--1849-01.jpg" caption="High water at the drain](/aws-20120612--1849-01.jpg" caption="High water at the drain)

I couldn't shoot that one from the same location. I would have had to have been chest deep in the water.


  1. The original It's Been Dry post from a few weeks ago.