Learning Django By Making A Tutorial - Part 6

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_Gt-0L5_0M

[Start: 00:00:00] - Going through the tutorial so far to make sure it works

Just walking through the tutorial in its current state to see how it's going.

Made a few adjustments. That processes will continue, but it's shaping up nicely.

[Time: 1:06:30] - Adding URLs

This went pretty quick. It was also another example of being able were I was able to figure stuff out making my own tutorial that I hadn't doing the official one. In this case, it was namespacing URLs.

After doing the URLs, I've decided the next step will be setting up templates. That feels like a natural progression and will make the site look decent. From there, I'll move on to the database stuff.

Shoutout to xprotocol_ for stopping by.

Table Of Contents

  • Part 1 - Getting the home page to work
  • Part 2 - Reviewing the first draft and building a model, view, and url structure for a checklist page
  • Part 3 - Learning how to test. And, making a python module so that unittest's output is green instead of red when tests pass.
  • Part 4 - More progress with testing and getting database content to show up. (Also, updating my local Hugo site to launch into either Sublime Text 2, or Sublime Text 3.)
  • Part 5 - Working with forms and getting a pointer to generic views.
  • Part 6 - Review run-through and adding URLs.