Meta Editing - The Pod Of Alan - S1:E6

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Topics Include

  • Removing the umms
  • Evolving into editing
  • Putting in the work after the work
  • Scared as a component of bravery
  • Work in progress as a shield


NOTE: This is an auto-generated transcript. Sometimes the computer wigs out a bit. Let me know if you see anything weird

Editing. Editing is going to be a thing. In the early versions of these, in the beforecasts, I just went through and was doing the stream of consciousness, kind of talking in the car. Then we've done these where we're doing it inside the house with the stream set up.

So, I posted the first four episodes and their corresponding after shows. And really all I did was I clipped the start and I clipped the ends and I put music in the front of them.

Watching the videos, umms and ahhs, or like, uuuhh, doesn't really bother me. But, then I went and listened to just the audio by itself. Ahhh. See! there's an 'ahh', and I'm gonna leave that one in. And now I'm trying to think and I'm trying to not do it.

I will be working on that.

I don't know what the practice is of doing that. Other than trying to be aware of it.

How do you practice not saying 'ummm' other than, I guess, doing this a bunch and then trying to like stay a little bit in front of the word that you're saying. Epecially when you pause and then you kind of like land and you're like, this is a time to not say the word 'umm' or 'ahh' or whatever

So going through and like listening to the audio, the 'umms' are really bugging me. I now need to go through and clear those things out, and that's fine.

I've had this kind of progression of the idea of how this thing was going to go. Initially, when I first started doing this, the only way that I was going to do it was if I could just record it and post it with no post-production at all. That was in the middle of the depression stuff. That was all that I could think of it.

And also, even prior to then, when I was in the manic stuff or the hypomanic stuff, that would be kind of the way that I would deal with things. Like, I can make the thing. If I have to do work on it after I have done that initial creative effort, when you're in the more... I don't say when you're in the more creative mode. But, when you're in, you're in the the visceral ness of it, the visceral hit of the creativity. That I could deal with. But then going through and be like, Oh, I need to go through an and edit this stuff. That was not something I was super capable of doing.

So here's an interesting point, I just sneezed, and it took me about 30 seconds to sneeze. I'm going to edit that out so we don't have to listen to it. But I also, the trick with that style of editing is like, I don't really totally remember the flow of where I was.

We were talking about the editing process and how I wasn't doing this stuff. I'm not going to be able to just immediately pick back up in the flow of that particular thing.

00;02;23;27 - 00;02;34;10

So we're going to start that over. I guess I could edit that out. I'm going to leave these parts in as I talk through this. This is part of the thing of like going through and doing this stuff in public and learning it as you do it.

00;02;35;01 - 00;02;53;08

So I'll probably leave this in. But the whole idea of having to do post-production. I wouldn't. I just wouldn't do it. I couldn't get my head around it. But now I can. And now I'm doing it. And when I was first running these, I was like, still very much in the mood of let me make this as

00;02;53;20 - 00;03;06;05

quick and easy as possible to do the post-production. This is the creative work. And then there's the work that comes after the creative work to get the thing actually published and out the door. Now, editing and some post-production stuff can be very creative.

00;03;06;05 - 00;03;16;04

The stuff that I am doing, I don't think qualifies for that film editing. That's a different thing like that is a creative endeavor, and I can see getting behind that and trying to find the rightness of the thing.

00;03;16;15 - 00;03;29;04

But this is going to be much less of that. But it's still something that I want to do because I want it, I'm at the point now where I'm capable of doing that. I have the mental adjustments in order to be able to do that.

00;03;29;18 - 00;03;39;05

And I'm interested in making the best thing possible. So there's this little bit of an idea. When I was first doing it of I'm going to put these things out there and the people like them, they like, and if they don't like them, they don't like them.

00;03;39;27 - 00;03;56;07

And that is still true. But I want to make it have the best chance for people liking it that I can provide, both for me and for them or for you, dear listener. We're going to put some time and effort into this, and I'm going to have to learn some extra stuff because I don't really know specifically

00;03;56;07 - 00;04;06;01

how to do this. This is cool. Check us out. And this will be the last one of these to live, but like a kind of the bird right now, so I can actually just pause for a second and I can actually blow my nose.

00;04;06;02 - 00;04;14;20

All right. This is cool. This is this is neat. Like, I'm going to lose the thread of the thing, but that's OK, right? We're making a podcast. We can do outtakes. I am, however, going move away from the mike.

00;04;15;26 - 00;04;32;26

And we're back after a head clearing olfactory sensory expulsion of women. To now, this is fun for me. Like this is I got to figure out how to edit this end. Maybe I'll put a little bumper in front of this that is like, Hey, this is me experimenting with editing.

00;04;33;02 - 00;04;41;27

And this is me talking about how I'm not adding, but like, I'm like, I'm going to edit that out. But it's kind of funny, I think, to live in. But maybe it won't play. I guess that's the Oh, that's the trick.

00;04;42;13 - 00;04;56;15

I can, like, go through this and basically say, like, Look, this place, this doesn't. Yeah, OK, so this is really OK. Everything just changed mentally. Like my mental model of this thing just evolved. I'm going to say changed, and I'm going to say evolved.

00;04;57;11 - 00;05;11;15

Evolved is almost isn't the right thing, and mutated is kind of the right thing, but that sounds weird and like, I don't know, mutiny. I can now go through in my head and like, this is cool in terms of like, Oh, I can actually go through and run these things and like, it's still going to be by

00;05;11;15 - 00;05;24;08

and large from start to finish, at least right now. I mean, his words could change. Here's the next iteration that we've just moved to. This will be from start to finish. Except it won't be because I'm going to edit it, but it's still going to have the flow of start to finish.

00;05;24;08 - 00;05;34;18

And I'm not probably I don't know what I'm going to do. That's interesting because editing is going to be a thing. We're going to we're going to dove into that. Who knows how long this episode will be? I am currently Sumner.

00;05;34;20 - 00;05;44;02

I can't see the number of minutes. OK, so I'm nine minutes in right now so we can actually look and see at this point if I'm nine minutes in or some amount less than that. I expect some of my less because we'll cut stuff out.

00;05;44;24 - 00;05;54;02

People wanting to do that thing, to get a to do it right now was like, Hey, but you know, this is kind of we're doing whatever. I think we have said that enough, so I will occasionally bring that up.

00;05;54;02 - 00;06;02;16

I'm going to work on bringing it up less. There's like a vulnerability to me in terms of I'm working on this thing and I'm doing it in public and I want to make sure you know that like this is a work in progress.

00;06;02;21 - 00;06;15;25

Please don't judge me for this yet. The connotation very much when you hear that statement is you're going to judge me bad or you're going to judge me harshly, but also like bad. That's a fear in getting in front of that.

00;06;15;25 - 00;06;36;11

A little bit of saying, you know, this is a work in progress and we're figuring this out. And the interesting thing that I like about this is by flipping on the idea that I am working in public. But this is a work in progress, not like a finished piece that makes it much less dangerous to do this

00;06;36;14 - 00;06;54;07

or much less dangerous feeling. It's the same amount of danger, which is to say not very much the feeling of danger, the feeling of vulnerability, the feeling of judgment of like an attack of judgment is significantly less when I kind of go like, Oh no, yeah, you can take shots at this.

00;06;54;07 - 00;07;04;14

That's cool. It's fine. This is me practicing the statement. Yes, this is a work in progress. So if you fire on it, that's going to suck. Like, I'm not going to like that. That's not going to be fun or comfortable for me.

00;07;04;26 - 00;07;21;05

But I have a little bit of a shield in front of me that's basically like, you are not seeing the final thing. And the other thing that I kind of like about this is I have a vision of where things that I work on will go.

00;07;21;14 - 00;07;32;04

Sometimes that vision is really solid. Like, I have this idea for a website that's nothing but a series of YouTube videos. That's just a whole bunch of tech talks. But instead of you picking one, it just plays like a TV station.

00;07;32;16 - 00;07;46;04

Like, I got a really solid vision of that, and that's not going to take too much build my. We build it in public and cool, but like this thing, it's a little bit like, I don't totally know like where it's going other than it is the thing that it is, as we kind of like, go through and

00;07;46;04 - 00;08;05;02

think about these things. The idea that it's a work in progress and I have this vision, if you are attacking the thing, you may not see the vision. So if you're attacking the thing and you're attacking a part of it, that isn't necessarily going to be in the final version and the final vision, you kind of like

00;08;05;02 - 00;08;15;22

judo out of the way of those. Or it's easier to not let those slings and arrows really kind of get on you and like cooking. Yet that work in public in the work in progress. The work in progress.

00;08;15;22 - 00;08;29;20

I hadn't thought about using work in progress as a method to basically be braver. Now that's really good. And so there's the other thing of bravery, too, which is let's let's talk about brave here for just a second, not the movie, but being brave.

00;08;30;15 - 00;08;46;20

A thing to keep in mind is being brave doesn't mean that you're not scared. In fact, you're pretty much always scared when you're being brave. That's one of the components of being brave, because if you're not scared, there's nothing to be brave about.

00;08;47;07 - 00;09;01;17

You're just doing whatever the thing is you're doing. It's when you're scared and when you're afraid. That's when you have the opportunity to be brave. And what's cool about this is like, this is a little bit of a thing that's like, I can be brave about this, but it's a little scary.

00;09;01;17 - 00;09;10;24

But again, I've got that like relief valve of, yeah, no, this is the work in progress. Yeah, sure. No, there's a bunch of stuff that I want to fix. Yeah, the thing that you're talking about totally. Yeah, I need to fix that.

00;09;10;24 - 00;09;26;07

Yeah, but I got 100 other things too. You haven't even seen the list of things that I need to fix about this. I don't know. I like it, really. I'm I'm really like in that. I didn't. That had not occurred to me before, and I think that's going to be super helpful for me in continuing to do

00;09;26;07 - 00;09;41;11

both this stuff and more stuff. And the more I work in public, the more that I do this publicly, the more easier it gets for me, and the more I realize that I'm not going to be eaten by a bear if somebody doesn't like the stuff that I do, and that's cool.

00;09;42;15 - 00;09;53;27

So, yeah, that'll do today. We will edit this out and not edit this out, but edit this up, edit this around, I don't know, we're going to do some editing and see how that goes. I have no idea how many arms and as I said in there, we'll find that out.

00;09;53;27 - 00;10;04;04

You won't hear most of them. Uh, maybe Neil. And it's like that one. I wouldn't even buy the ones who knows. So until next time, you'll be cool, be kind, and we will see you. On the flipside, I guess.

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