New Site Look And A Photo Test

NOTE: This post is from several redesigns and software frameworks ago. The site is "responsive" now which means that if things are working right it doesn't matter what size screen you're viewing it on.

I've updated the "theme" of this blog to a new look.

Mainly, I wanted to get a wider base width. If you are on a smaller monitor size, sorry about that, but progress marches on. I'm also using this post to test a photo size (~~680x510~~ 620x510 if you are wondering) to see how well it fits in the design.

A photo of the tops of puffy clouds taken from a plane window. The clouds cover the lower two thirds of the image with a blue sky at the top. The airplane went is visible on the right side of the image extending out towards the clouds.

It's a shot I took out the window on one of my many trips to Atlanta over the past few weeks.