Obligatory Intro Meta Talk - The Pod Of Alan - S1:E1

Hello, hello! I'm Alan and this is the kick off episode of my podcast... kinda. I've actually been recording for years, but never posted anything. Those episodes will make an appearance eventually, but for now, we're starting fresh.

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All right. Hello, world. Welcome to this edition of... we're gonna start things new, errr, doing things again, but in a new way. Or, something like that? I don't know. Didn't really like attraction at all, but that's fine. We're gonna roll with it.

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So this is this is definitely a new thing for me, not the recording aspect of it, but the fact that I'm recording on my stream set up in my house. Normally, when I record these things, I'm doing it in my car.

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I've been doing that for a couple of years. We'll have to see how this goes. I'm not a fan of too much of the introductiony stuff. You listen to some shows and there's this kind of thing where it's like, Oh, and this thing, we're going to talk about this and this and this and this.

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I understand exactly why you need to do that or why it's helpful to have that. But at the same time, it's like, OK, let's just get to the thing and see what happens. I see the same thing happens with movies.

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I used to really not like looking at trailer or watching trailers because it would so often show you some portion of the movie that was basically a critical aspect of it. When you walk up to that portion of the movie, you see the same scene and you're like, Oh, this is clearly that same thing that I saw in the trailer.

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And even though they cut it two seconds before the pivotal thing, I know we're about to see the pivotal thing. I am not a fan of that. But at the same time, that's changed a little bit for me, and now I do kind of like at least getting a touch of the tone of the movie.

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What it's going to look like a little bit. Kind of who the characters are or who the actors are, I guess. Just a touch of it. If it's a Marvel movie, I don't need to see too much about it.

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Like it's just going to be a Marvel movie, and you can get some hype stuff from the trailer and that's cool. With Dune, when it came out, I was going back and forth on this thing about like, do I like trailers now.

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I don't know. I mean, I've always liked them, but do I want to watch them? But I watched the Dune one and I'm really glad I did, because it shows and I want to say the tone of the movie,

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but I mean that both visually and melodically like harmonically and musically, as well as the tone of the speech and the tone of the colors, right? The color tones. And I really kind of glad I had that set in a little bit because it's like a little appetizer, I guess if done right

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Like, OK, we're going ahead and get you geared up and ready for the rest of this meal. And this thing's going to complement it and we're gonna come through and like, have it be this nice introduction, but also we're not going to spoil the meal.

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And I mean, I guess maybe that's where the trailer kind of stuff can hit you. You can have an appetizer, but if they give you too much of the appetizer, it spoils your dinner or your dinner isn't as good and it's kind of uncomfortable and like, you're just really be done with it.

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But, if you get just the right amount of appetizer gets you like who I really like, this is delicious, and then it leads into the meal and a very pleasant fashion. So we'll see. Actually, I don't know if this is going to work for that or not. As a meta thing here, when I do them in the car, I'm driving.

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I've got something that I am doing while I'm talking, and that occupies kind of the physical space. Right now, I'm emoting very... like I'm moving around a fair amount, which I think kind of takes care of that as well.

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I just wasn't sure how that would translate if I'd kind of get stuck by having to basically do the video and do it sitting still. And then also with the camera there. Because, I keep the camera on me when I'm doing the car videos, because that's how I first started doing them.

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And I continue to do that because it's kind of a vlog or whatever. I don't know. Maybe I'll figure out something interesting to do with these. So I'm throwing this up and I will do it on a green screen or I'm doing it on a green screen.

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I'm doing this with my with my stream set up. And one of the things I was thinking about was like we could set up to do different versions of the videos. You could just have like one version that's just like straight me with the green screen.

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You could have one version where like, hey, we drop out the green screen and we put in... elephants in the background. I don't know. There's another streamer, Alex Trost, who has people come on and interviews them. One of the people you had on was doing generative art.

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There were these really cool patterns of these complicated words and math and all these other things like, I don't really understand the details of it, but they showed you the math and they showed you the formulas to plug in and they show you the dials to kind of mess around with.

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And then you can go make your own stuff. So maybe we'll have some like generative art in some of these and kind of come around and like, bang around. I think the key here, though, is... And, this is taken a little bit of a switch in my brain to actually identify this as I am thinking of this now more as a podcast.

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It is a thing. By the way, this is meta talk, Everybody's favorite thing is you talk about the thing you're talking about, but when you get started, that's kind of a natural thing to do.

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If you are interested in this at all, you will hear a bunch of that type of stuff. Maybe jump forward a few episodes when we get the kind of the early things out of the way. Because as I work on projects, and this is a project, I often go through and examine the project that I like constantly.

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But, I oscillate back and forth between heads down, working on the thing and then kind of stepping back and taking a look and seeing of the things I've worked on and then like going in this liminal space of the back and forth.

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Because this is what a project like that is going to be part of it. And because I am making a transition from the way that I'm doing the recordings, this is going to be an aspect of that that we're going to examine.

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So cool if you like it, sweet. If you don't, OK. And also like, I'm trying not to do that as much. If you like it, cool if you don't like it, also cool. That should be implicit. It's almost cliche, but like cliches exist for a reason.

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Like, I'm not diminishing it. It's like I'm giving you the power to make that decision. But you already have the power to make that decision. But it's not meant in that way, I don't think, most of the time when people say it, it's a bit more user friendly, like, hey, like no harm, no foul.

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You're not going to insult me if you don't like the thing that I'm making. I'm going to be all bummed, potentially if you don't like the thing that I'm making, but I don't want to hold you emotionally hostage to the fact that if you don't like it, you're going to hurt my feelings.

00;05;50;21 - 00;06;11;25

There's a really interesting reverberation that can happen between artist and audience with that kind of stuff. I believe very much that most people don't want to make other people uncomfortable or suffer. You have a thing like, Oh, I made this thing and like kind of a natural reaction to go through and say, Hey, cool, great.

00;06;11;26 - 00;06;28;22

Even if we're not super psyched about it, I'm a pretty big believer that if somebody has made a thing, even if the overall thing itself isn't that great, there is almost always something neat or interesting or cool to find in there, even if it's not new.

00;06;28;23 - 00;06;43;16

And even if it's not groundbreaking. Because, by the way, most stuff isn't. Like almost nothing is new or groundbreaking. Everything comes is coming from something that came before it, and the novelty with which we put those things together is, generally speaking, not tremendous.

00;06;43;24 - 00;06;54;19

But that does not mean that it's not cool and not interesting and not neat. Finding those kind of like little places and there's little things can be a little bit like, Oh, cool, I like what you did here.

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And then even if you fall back to the other one. Or, not fall back, but even if you move the perspective into, Hey, I like the work that you did, even if it's not really the thing that you did is what's impressing me as much.

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I like that you did work to do a thing. I think that's a really important thing for us to kind of talk about and to kind of push on a little bit and wow I just all of a sudden I'm getting like, I feel like I'm getting like, blah, this is the thing.

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Oh God. This just took a turn weird for me. Because, like, who the hell am I? But at the same time, like, I don't know, I have thoughts. So here's some thoughts. I'm going to try not to get like...

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And see now we're doing the meta thing again. So this is the back and forth. This is the back and forth, and there will be some of that. There'll be a lot of that for me because I kind of keep poking on the thing like, I don't want to try and get this into... Actually, you know what?

00;07;37;20 - 00;07;52;19

I don't know what I want this to be yet. This is going to become the thing that it's going to become. I've got some ideas in the back of my head very loosely, just based off the prior stuff that I've been doing, but basically it comes down to I'm going to turn on the mic.

00;07;52;20 - 00;08;04;05

I'm going to talk into the mic and whatever happens happens. It's kind of getting all over the place. So I think that a wrap it for this one because short and sweet, I have no idea how long this is because I'm not watching any timers at all.

00;08;04;14 - 00;08;12;14

Also, I'm just now aware that there's a camera there again. So clearly, this is going to be one of the things where this is not about the camera, it's about the voice. So I hope y'all have enjoyed it.

00;08;12;15 - 00;08;23;17

We will see you next time. The other thing that I'm going to do right now, though, is we're going to make a second episode immediately that I call an after show. This is something I've been doing, on the other ones where this is the main topic.

00;08;23;17 - 00;08;35;23

So I just kind of say, Hey, we're done. And then I'm going to clip this episode and then I'm immediately going to keep recording like, I'm not even gonna turn the mic off, and that will be the after show. I find there is a need to kind of like switch up the gears a little bit and kind of just like

00;08;35;23 - 00;08;48;27

OK, we did the thing and then cut, review, do whatever. That will do it for this episode. Jump into the after show next if you want to or punt way forward if you want to. Or, have a good day. Be kind be cool. We'll see you around. Cheers.