I have a lot of passwords.... I mean a whole lot. And with what I do, security is important so they can't all be the same or easy. A while ago I found a piece of software called "KeePass" that makes life much easier.
From their site: "KeePass Password Safe is a free, open-source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager for Windows."
Basically, it let's you have one little file that has it's own password. Inside that file are all your other passwords.
A few of the nicer points about it:

  • It's open-source which I'm a big supporter of.
  • It will generate as many passwords for you as you want.
  • The passwords it creates for you aren't likely to be broken easily. For example: Vb4iTwpRmTX4g
  • When you open the main password database file you can drag and drop these tough passwords into login boxes. So, you don't have to even know what your passwords are.
  • The file is really small and you can carry it on a keychain drive. I do this so I can always have it with me and so I don't have to leave a copy on my work machine.
  • It's free.
    Check out their site if you are interested:
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