Remapping Caps Lock To Escape

Caps Lock is useless to me. The Escape key, on the other hand, gets a ton of usage since I frequent Neovim. A great quality of life improvement was when I remapped Caps Lock to be Escape.

On a mac, you can do this under:

System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Modifier Keys...

A nice feature is that you can set each keyboard individually. So, you can do stuff like update the firmware on your Moonlander to make the change without having to worry about conflicts.

Previous Tools

I used to do the remap with an app called Seil which used to be called PCKeyboardHack before it got that name. After Seil, I used Karabiner-Elements to do the remapping. While I loved those tools for what they provided it's nice to be able to use native features instead. Anything I can do to reduce the amount of software I have to deal with is a win.