Roxanne thru Songsmith

If you haven't already heard about Microsoft's Songsmith, you can check out the the official Microsoft Research Songsmith page for a quick video about it. Basically, you feed it vocals and it comes up with music for you. I thought it was a joke when I first saw it, but it's real. Several folks around the net have taken to feeding it the vocal tracks from popular songs and seeing what it comes up with. Everyone I have heard has been universally bad. Some have been at least entertaining, but a few actually like Running with the Devil actually hurt my brain a little. Another example that isn't quite as bad is this version of The Police's "Roxanne": While it doesn't cause physical pain, it seems to go on forever. Normally, Roxanne isn't that long a song. With the Robo-Latin beat produced by Songsmith, Microsoft has managed to find a way to slow time.