Serve A Local Directory As A Web Site With Auto-Reload via browser-sync

Install with:

npm install -g browser-sync

Then CD into the directory you want to serve and do this:

browser-sync . -w --no-notify

That will serve the directory with the watch files flag set which makes the browser reload automatically on changes.

The --no-notify turns off a banner that would otherwise flash during each update

Old Notes

You can serve a local directory as a web site by running this inside it:

npx browser-sync start --server --files "./**/*.html" --no-open --no-notify --directory

This will automatically reload the browser if it seems any of the .html files change.

The site is served at both:


Use ngrok if you need to show it to folks externally by running this (doesn't have to be in the same directory):

ngrok http 3000

There's also a UI that gives you some details at:


You'll need npx installed which should come with node.

It'll install browser-sync the first time you run it if it's not already there.