The Circular Saw And The Car Door

March - 2022
  • Functioning computers are perfect at repeating instructions
  • We humans suck at it
  • Setup a circular saw in the garage to do some work. It uses a rail to guide it.
  • I left the table setup because if it's already ready, I'm way more likely to use it (see also talking about reducing friction to make it more likely I actually do stuff)
  • When I pulled the car back into the garage and opened the door, it almost hit the rail. It one of the internal break points just before it.
  • I looked at it and though, if I open the door with just a little more force, it'll hit that. But, I don't want to raise it up because I'd need to pull the side guide off it.
  • Then, I thought, I'll just be careful
  • And today's rhetorical question: Who wants to guess what happened. Or, really, who wants to guess how long it took me to forget and open the door without thinking about it and scraping up the side of the car?
  • Those of you who had 48hrs., congrats, you win via price is right rules
  • I have two decades of habit of opening the door without thinking about it.
  • The "I'll be careful about it" was not a good long term strategy.
  • I'll be careful works in the moment. Usually.
  • Relying on yourself to be extra careful is rough. Doubly so when being careful requires you to do something that requires working against a habit