The Creative Process

One blog I enjoy checking in on is called Get Rich Slowly. The blog is one of the ones I use to keep feeding my brain on personal finance content. In an entry from today, the you tube clip below is included. The clip feature the host of This American Life talking about the process of getting over the initial learning curve hump. Get Rich Slowly sees this though the filter of personal finance and touches on the fact that this actually translates into basically any skill. I couldn't agree more with the message. I was super lucky to have the good fortune of mentors who helped me understand that in order to be good at something, you have to go though the time when you suck. As much as possible, don't let that time when you suck get you down. Recognize that time for what it is, the practice that is required to improve. I'm guessing this applies to most things, but certainly, if you are in a creative field, remind yourself that as long as you are trying to improve, you're going to go through gap times and that's just part of gig.