The Various Statuses I Use For Posts On My Site - Digital Garden Style

NOTE: This is currently a 'scratchpad' post. It's a collection of stuff to turn into a post. Basically a brain dump. It's a step before I consider it a work in progress.

TODO: Talk about digital gargents and the state of posts and how having the statues makes it feel less fraught to posts things that haven't been polished (or even really put together)

These are the statuses I use for posts my site:

  • undefined - This is a short term thing I'm using during my 2021 migration to NextJS. Having moved the site several time before* there are a ton of posts that don't have a status defined. I'm setting this for all of them so I can find them and categorize them over time.
  • scratch - This is where posts start out. These are often little more the reminder to myself to work on something later and collections of unorganized notes.
  • draft - This is when I start working on a piece for real. Most stuff will move here pretty quickly.
  • published - Some version of a polished draft. There's no expectation that it's "final final", just that it's in a state that if I leave it, I'm cool with it.
  • TKTKTK link post about the different times I've moved the site

I used to use wip instead of draft. I like the latter better. Especially nice with the way it sounds along side scratch.