Tik Tok Ideas

November - 2021
  • Show how to get EXIF Data for a photo with exifreader for node
  • Show how you have to use full paths to get to things like '/Users/alan/go/bin/ksuid' since they aren't on your non-interactive shell
  • Show that you can use return to get out of a forEach loop (use for...of instead)
  • Show dl, dt, dd, for definition lists
  • Show the different ways so get widths for the viewport including clientWidth off the html root which give you with width minus scroll bars
  • Using console.dir() instead of console.log()
  • Show browser-sync for serving a site and multiple scroll sync and movement
  • A series showing how flex box and grid works in css
  • Douglas Adams quote about tech before, during, and after you're 30 and if that still holds true with folks having seen so much constant change
  • Show browser-sync for service a local dir of html files like for a static site
  • Show network throttling in browser-sync (noting that google chrome has it too)
  • Show KSUIDs
  • Show 'cd -' to return to the previous directory
  • show how to concat an array in javascript
  • How to get the first character of a string in javascript