Today I Learned Mapping te to tabedit in Vim

Vim's :tabedit command seems long considering how often it's used. Applying logic from this StackOverflow answer produces this customization:

cnoreabbrev <expr> te getcmdtype() == ":" && getcmdline() == 'te' ? 'tabedit' : 'te'

It defines a :te shortcut which expands to :tabedit. Throw it in ~/.vimrc and save five characters for every tab open.

It's worth pointing out that this accepted StackOverflow answer provides a dangerous alternative. It recommends ca (aka cabbrev). For example, ca te tabedit. The gotcha hidden in this approach is that it expands across the command. Trying to run :!ls /tmp/te/ will be altered to :!ls /tmp/tabedit/. Not so good.

And, yes, I added an answer to help out there too.