Umms In The Audio - The Pod Of Alan - S1:E9

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Topics Include

  • Audio Audio vs Video Audio
  • The daunting tower of existing work
  • Anne Lamott's Bird By Bird (pdf)
  • Looking for the parts instead of the whole
  • Committing to the creative work when the energy is there
  • Doing the non-creative work to make the creative work the best it can be


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So in a way, I shouldn't be reporting this. And what I mean by that is not that I shouldn't be recording this because I'm recording it, and there's not like a danger to doing it. But like, I've got a slew of these stacked up now.

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I've pushed the first four of them out on YouTube. They're there. They're available. I watched the videos and listened to them while watching the video, and it was fine, like everything was cool. I then listen to just the audio and the number of times that I say, Ah, and I'm really kind of hit me.

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It was a little more than I want to have show up in the actual podcast again. VIDEO didn't matter as much, and there's something that was interesting to me about that was the fact that when I was watching it and I saw it, dealing with the arms wasn't a big deal.

00;00;51;26 - 00;01;11;19

And I wonder if there's not a visual clue that is a placeholder that happens, that lets us accept the processing that's happening in the brain a little bit better in a video compared to audio. Who knows, maybe there's a psychology research paper out there, not hey, students.

00;01;11;19 - 00;01;26;17

There you go. But I want to go through and actually edit out the arms and the eyes. Trick with that is I have to go do that work. If I continue to stack up new ones, going back and doing that work feels more daunting.

00;01;27;14 - 00;01;42;18

I keep adding on to the pile of things that need to be added without actually getting get it. It's this kind of weight that stacks up and stacks up and stacks up in the past. That is one of the things that has prevented me from releasing the original versions of these.

00;01;43;10 - 00;01;56;10

I have all these things that I've recorded. But there's so many of them that are out there that I kept seeing it as this giant singular thing to have to do. And there was no way for me to get into doing that.

00;01;57;13 - 00;02;11;09

The answer or the way, of course, to do that is to start at the start and just do some. It's the and lamont thing of bird by bird. There's a big track in front of you. You just go through and you do one and then you do the next one and you do the next one.

00;02;11;14 - 00;02;23;02

And one of the things that I'm adapting to now is the idea that I don't have to do them all at one time. Because in my mental model of this, I see it as just this one giant bag of work.

00;02;23;12 - 00;02;39;21

Tough to even conceptualize getting into it, because when I think about starting it, I just see like that giant thing out in front of me. But increasingly, I'm getting better at recognizing, OK, there's a bunch of stuff that's out there, but it's a whole bunch of separate things.

00;02;40;04 - 00;02;51;15

And like, I'm really working and trying to get into the idea of it's not this giant ball of work to be done. It's a whole bunch of little things. And yes, there are a whole bunch of them. And that can be intimidating, right?

00;02;51;15 - 00;03;08;01

But that is much less intimidating to me than the giant ness of the work. And I can kind of forget, not forget, but just kind of like pass in my brain and be like, OK, yes, there's stuff, but let me just look at one away that I'm kind of doing that right now is I've been working on

00;03;08;01 - 00;03;22;05

my website. And it's part of the process. I'm going back through and cleaning up a bunch of stuff, cleaning up that links and then cleaning up images. There's about 100 broken images on the site right now. And when I first saw that, I was like, I'd like a whole bunch of images like, How am I going to

00;03;22;05 - 00;03;28;28

go deal with that? And in the past, that would have been a thing that was messing with me to the point where I probably wouldn't have done it, cause I wouldn't have be able to get started on it.

00;03;29;06 - 00;03;41;13

But now it's this idea or not, this idea, it's just this thing where it's like, OK, I'm just going to open up my list of images that are broken and just start at the top and then do a few.

00;03;42;05 - 00;03;54;15

When I feel like no longer doing them, I just stop. Come back to it sometime later and do a few more. That doesn't take a lot of mental energy, so there are times in the day when I don't have a lot going on in my brain and I just need to like, relax and chill out.

00;03;55;01 - 00;04;09;01

That is kind of a not methodological, not therapeutic, but like meditative thing, like it doesn't take a lot of work. I need to go find the particular file that has a problem image in it. I need to go find the image that I need to replace it with, and I need to put in some text.

00;04;09;26 - 00;04;21;00

There's a very known structure of things that I have to do there, so there's not creative work and it doesn't take creative to do that. I'm finding that it's actually kind of a nice thing to do with like I've done some creative work for today.

00;04;21;10 - 00;04;40;18

I'm awake. I don't want to go take a nap. Let me just try and add this into the mix. That type of work satisfies that, and that really is surprising to me. I think part of the problem or part of the obstacle is when I think about the big batch of work, those thoughts are often happening when

00;04;40;18 - 00;04;50;09

I'm thinking about doing, for example, one of the podcasts. So I'm sitting here, I'm like, Oh, let me get recorded an episode, and I immediately think, Oh, I've got all these other episodes that have been out there that I need to go at it.

00;04;51;18 - 00;05;02;28

And that's not the headspace that I'm in when I'm thinking through that headspace that I'm in and thinking through, that is the creative aspect of I want to go make a podcast. But then it slams back into this amount of work to get done.

00;05;02;28 - 00;05;20;19

That is not creative work. When it hits that, it's this tension or this like binding of gears, because that's not, you know, it's not the headspace, so it's not the vibe and having this realization, oh, wait a minute, if I can disconnect that and basically say, I'm going to go do that stuff, that stuff is going to

00;05;20;19 - 00;05;40;13

get done, but I'm not going to worry about it when I'm in creative mode because that's not creative work. And then also having the capability of actually like looking at it later when I don't have a creative mindset in play and I'm just zoned out or doing whatever, it becomes much less of a thing for me to

00;05;40;13 - 00;05;50;12

jump in and just mess with them. And especially now that I've done it a few times. So I've done it a couple of times and like, I realize a it's not this bad b I can just do a few and then make some progress on it.

00;05;51;07 - 00;06;06;09

After I do this podcast, I'm going to go at it some videos and I'll do one of them, and then if I feel like doing another one, I'll do another one. The other thing that happens often times you do the first one, and once you get started, you get over the threshold of whatever that mental thing is

00;06;06;18 - 00;06;17;08

and just kind of go in like, Oh, OK, I'll do for you. No big deal. And it becomes no big deal. I'm going to really pay attention to that shift between the idea of when I'm in creative mode.

00;06;17;08 - 00;06;34;14

Thinking about the maintenance stuff really kind of binds me and trying to, like, reexamine that when I'm not in the creative space. And I guess the biggest trick is I need to figure out a way to remind myself when I'm outside of the creative mode to go look at the stuff that I want to do.

00;06;34;16 - 00;06;46;28

And that's the other thing is changing that language from I need to do this too. I want to do this because I want these things to be good. I want them to be as good as possible. And in order to do that, I've got to put effort in and that effort goes across different places.

00;06;46;28 - 00;07;04;03

It's not just in the creative, in the making, it's actually in the refinement and the editing. And once I kind of get that in my head, too, it's part of the overall fuel for the creative aspect like that becomes a creative thing, and once I reframe it in there makes it a lot easier to do.

00;07;05;19 - 00;07;11;14

So that'll do it for now. You'll have a good one. We'll do this again soon. Take it easy. We can be cool.