Updating My Daily Link Grabber - LiveCoding

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[Start: 00:00:00] - Chatting and Review

Just chatting.

[Time: 00:10:45] - Enhancing The Daily Link Grabber

I spent a while before the 3 hour mark trying to figure out this look which only adds items to an object if they don't match a set of exclude patterns. This is what I ended up with

def clean_data_remove_excludes(self): new_object = for item in self.object_data: def include_item(): for pattern in self.exclude_patterns: if re.search(pattern, item): return False return True if include_item(): new_object[item] = self.object_data[item] self.object_data = new_object

TODO List for the grabber:

  • Update timestamp in blogpost template
  • Load config files (zero, one, or more)
  • Move hard coded variables into a config file
  • Filter out regex patterns (e.g.)
    • docs.google.com
    • localhost
    • www.alanwsmith.com
    • launchpad
    • work domains
    • amazon stuff that's not browsing
    • youtube links that aren't videos
  • Flip the title of searching so "Google Search" is at the start.
  • Update Stack Overflow to use share link
  • Drop preface category from stackoverflow links.

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