weathergov API Notes

Docs are here, under Specifications:

There's a feed with a list of the available end points here:

Note that not all the endpoints lists in that JSON are considered operational according to the sepcifications

I'm pretty sure when you see {wfo} it stands for Weather Forecast Office. which appears to be the same as the gridID

Get coordinates by looking at google maps and pulling the coords (e.g. 40.123,-71.434 ), then do this:

Use the coordinates to get the data with:

curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/geo+json"

Not sure you really need the -H "accept: application/geo+json", but it was in the example.

Looks like you can get a current set of data with:,70

You can also get the forecast with:,70/forecast

use it to get the forecast data.