What Im Running - Open Apps - March 1st 2014

Macs don't crash much. They also handle themselves well when a ton of apps are running. This was brought home when a co-worker saw me do a Cmd+Tab app switch. Here's a shrunken version of my active app icon bar that popped up.

Image: screengrab-20140301--1008-01a.png

From left to right:

nvAlt | My grimoire and external brain Sublime Text 2 | The go-to text editor Photoshop CS6 | The standard (and last version available without a monthly subscription) ExtendScript Toolkit | For making Photoshop JavaScriptsex Oxygen XML Editor | Totally worth the expensive cost XML tool iTerm2 | The better terminal for Mac CodeRunner | The handy code snippet tester Chrome | Google's Netscape Navigator Lightroom 5 | Main photo workflow tool Photo Mechanic 5 | First step on the photo workflow path BBEdit | Backup text editor Soulver | The reimagined calculator SQLite Database Browser | Way better than the command line (beware sourceforge adons) Dash | The pain reliever for looking at documentation Finder | Apple's happy app Firefox | Mozilla's Netscape Navigator Safari | Apple's Netscape Navigator DayOne | Daily note taking Preview | Non-Adobe PDF viewer 1Password | Bringer of sanity and security ScreenFlow | Maker of screencasts Better Rename 9 | Bulk renaming of files without the command line Spotify | The replacement for my 20,000 song mp3 library System Preferences | Machine tweaker TextExpander | Auto-Expander for text snippets Console | The tool to peak behind the machine curtain a little Terminal | For long running items that would be distracting in iTerm2 MAMP Pro | The Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP stack, but for Mac Stickies | Post-it notes for the virtual desktop OmniFocus | A fighting chance against the ever-growing TODO list Activity Monitor | Checking performance when this many apps are running Contacts | Names, numbers, addresses, etc... Dictionary | For those times when auto-correct fails (or you don't trust it) Transmit | FTP, SFTP, etc... Quicksilver | Most used app - Don't let the position in the list fool you Calendar | Days, Weeks, Months... Time flies. iTunes | Relegated to a Podcast tool in the post-Spotify world

Of course, this post wouldn't be complete without also showing the apps running in the menu bar:

Image: screengrab-20140301--1101-01a.png

Again, from left to right:

Hazel | "Automated Organization for your Mac" LiveReload | Reload browsers automatically after editing files (no more constant app switching) Quicksilver | Menubar access to the go-to app launcher ScreenFlow | Not currently recording DayOne | Unnecessary, but doesn't appear to be able to be disabled TextExpander | Menu access to snippets when you forget the keyboard way Dropzone | Drag things here and make them go elsewhere Divvy | Hotkeys for shuffling and positioning windows Dropbox | File syncing done right (referral link) Monosnap | Quick and easy screengrab posting Alfred | Alternate app launcher and automation tool (current overshadowed by Quicksilver) i1 Profiler | Shame on X-rite for not updated software even though the hardware is discontinued Flycut | Continuing the search for a multi-clipboard tool that works with my brain Caffeine | Single click to keep monitor from going to sleep during presentations and processing Houdini | Tries to keep the desktop clean by hiding apps after a time GeekTool | Sends output from scripts to the desktop background Symantec AntiVirus | Must have for the corporate network 1Password | Menu bar access to password sanity and security VMware Fusion | To run Linux and Windows machines inside a Mac Messages | Another icon that won't die MenuMeters | The next two icons are: Disk Activity and CPU usage TimeMachine | Only use this if you care about keeping your files and data Bluetooth status | I wonder who came up with the name "Bluetooth" WiFi status | Signal strength at a glance Volume | Don't really need this since I just use the hotkeys Batter level | Figure out technology to make this irrelevant and make a zillion dollars Keyboard | To look up key combos to make letters with umlauts Date & Time | Day of the week I can remember - Day of the month I need help with Spotlight | Haven't been able to kill this one Notifications | Haven't been able to kill this one either

That makes 62 apps (not counting all the behind the scenes stuff). Pretty good considering I haven't rebooted the machine in a month. The negative aspect is that with all this stuff open, I really put off any software updates that require restarting. Based on this XKCD strip, I'm not alone.