Stream Notes for October 27, 2020 #LiveCoding



I think I found a bug with the way Keyboard Maestro deals with menu paths. First little bit is showing what I’m seeing.

Specifically, on the Menu Condition page, it says that matches for paths can use any of these four separators:

  • >

However, only > and work for me on Keyboard Maestro 9.0.6. The other two fail.

Skip to 13:05 to see the issue.

I spent the main part of the stream building a process that grabs all the URLs from all the tabs I have open in Safari, saves them, then closes the tabs. This is something I’ll use to prep for streams when I’ve got a bunch of stuff open and don’t want to sort through it yet. Not only does that let me start with a clean visual slate, it makes sure that the link archiver I use to capture links from the stream only grabs stuff that’s actually part of the stream.

Links From The Stream

Totally forgot to snag them with the archiver before clearing them with the new tool.


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