Refactoring Video Assembler To Help With Testing - Stream Notes for November 4, 2020 #LiveCoding



Spent more time working on the Automatic Video Assembler. Refactored out a Video class that let me get my head around how to add tests. I’d been struggling with that but couldn’t find a way in until I split out the Video object as its own thing. I got the first real assembly command built. Still need to:

  • chop down clips that are too long
  • find a way to apply a bell curve to the randomness for the length of clips
  • create the json config file that determines the transitions and randomize it
  • produce the ffmpeg command that lays in the audio
  • run the commands automatically

I’ve also been thinking that I’ll deploy this to an EC2 instance and run in there. Much faster network and I get get a beefy box for it to burn through the processing. (If I get wily, I’ll run tests on a couple boxes to see what the price performance is for running video. Does it make sense to get a smaller box that will take longer but is cheaper, or a beefier one that costs more but takes less time?)

Towards the end, a buddy got on and we looked at some of the APIs and content available for bills and votes and such from Congress. Some interesting possibilities there.

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