Therapy Links

That's right. I'm collecting links that come up in therapy.

Mainly this page is to make it easier to send random references to my therapist. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns into an interesting personal artifact. (I'm also hoping it provides some anchor points to provide a stronger sense of the passage of time)

Oct. 4, 2023

  • Walk-Up Music

    Sheryl Crow - Everyday Is A Winding Road

Sept. 20, 2023

  • Walk-Up Music

    French Horn Rebellion - Caaalifornia

  • Free and open-source software Software and apps that anyone can use, copy, study, or change in any way for free.

  • Veilid - "Veilid allows anyone to build a distributed, private app. Veilid gives users the privacy to opt out of data collection and online tracking. Veilid is being built with user experience, privacy, and safety as our top priorities. It is open source and available to everyone to use and build upon."

Sept. 6, 2023

  • Walk-up Music: Blind Melon - No Rain

    I once played walk-up music going into a session as a bit. That was three years ago. I've been picking a track to start each session ever since. Today was No Rain.


    This cat's reaction to Skynyrd is amazing.

  • Hold Down A - NO words for what SAVING PRIVATE RYAN did to my soul

    I loved Saving Private Ryan, but it's rough movie. I'm not up for seeing it again. Watching someone watch it for the first time was a great way to experience it again.

  • Hold Down A - The Last of Us Epi.3 is a masterpiece and I can't stop crying

    Another case where I loved a story, but wasn't up to watching it again myself. Watching Hold Down A react to it was wonderful. I'm really digging this format