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I'm in the process of moving my site. It's still a work in progress. Please excuse the mess and broken links.

About Me

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About Me

Hey there - I'm Alan and this is my intro

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- This is gonna be long because, like Pascal said, I don't have time to write a shorter one

- Please take everything I say with the picture of a person who's pretty energetic and genuinely excited about whatever it is they are saying. (I'm very rarely severe in my tone)8

- Bullet points are my friend. It takes me a very long time to edit full on prose and if I didn't do bullet points I'd rarely get anything out. So, let's run with that here

- The ability to randomize these bullets would be awesome. Ordering things make them feel like the order matters and it doesn't really here. Maybe skim around and read them randomly to simulate the experience? (TODO: Set up so these things are randomized)

- Photography used to be my thing, but I haven't taken a shot in a long time. Still love the idea of it and will probably get back to it at some point

- One day I'm going to get back to my Million Portrait Project ( - sorry for the "http without an s" link, but that site is old)

- Music is huge to me. Headphones are on most of the time. (I can totally recommend open-back ones if you haven't tried them before, I got a very enjoyable pair of phillips for like $100)

- Doing projects and new stuff gives me the happy brain juice

- "Tuneify" is my current project. It's an attempt to make a better robot DJ. A notoriously hard problem. I don't expect to do anything surprising with it. I just want to see what happens if I implement the ideas in my head and learn more about how all that stuff works

- Learning is my jam, btw

- Tuneify will be here, but it's far from even being a workable prototype:

- Instead of listing about a bunch of projects I should just link to my links page which has a bunch of them

- Though, if you like The Shining, I'm really proud of:

- Feels like I should mention I have bipolar 1, but I don't really think about that very often. (I'm super lucky that my meds let me be functional)

- For 22 years, I worked at the PGA TOUR. I got burned out in general and after recovering from two years of major bipolar depression. Currently no gig. Still trying to figure out how I'm going to fit into the world

- I'm on Mastodon and we should totally follow each other there

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