Hello and Welcome!


Hi, I'm Alan, and this is my site. I've been running it for a couple decades. So, there's a bunch here. Unfortunately, it's not organized. Hence, the giant list of 1,500+ links below. I'm working on that.

In Progress

Before we get to the mass link list, here's some of what I've been working on recently:


The biggest thing I've been working on over the past year is a new plain-text format called neopolitan. Inspired by markdown, mdx, org-mode, and the rest, it's designed to manage the content for my site. I'm using it full time and couldn't be happier.

You can learn more about it here


The static site generator I built for neopolitan is called called neopoligin. I don't really have a page for it yet, but the source code is here if you'd like to take a peak.

Tree-Sitter Syntax Highlighting

With one exception, neopolitan doesn't need much of a syntax highlighter. That exception is embedded code blocks of another language. Seeing native syntax highlighting is a huge quality-of-life imprvement. Even for the smallest of samples.

I've got a solid start on a Tree-sitter parser to add neopolitan (and embedded langauge) highlighting to Neovim. It took leanring a little "C", but it's been worth it.

You can see an example here

Grimoire Code Block Execution

I call my notes app my Grimoire. There's no magic in computers, but there's a lot that's magical. I love the idea of naming my collection of incantations in that light.

I used to use emacs org-mode for my grimoire primarly because of it's ability to run code blocks inside notes directly. Think Jupyter Notebooks, but in plain-text and for any language. I ended up moving back to Neovim full time but didn't want to give that functionality. So, I'm working on a prototype.

I've got the basics working. The results for the code block below were generated automatically inside the file.

print("Hello, Grimoire")
Hello, Grimoire

Details for that will go in the tree-sitter link when I get things updated

And Now, This:

To close off this page, here's the as-yet-unsorted set of links on the site