Hey, folks. I'm Alan. Welcome to my site.

I moved the site to a new framework last year. Unfortunately, I'm not enjoying it. Not much has been done here as a result. It remains a simple, alphabetized list of posts which you can checkout below.

I've had the site for twenty years. As I'm deciding what to do next, I keep coming back to the idea that I'll have it for twenty more. Through that lens, the appeal of frameworks disintegrates. I don't need most of what they do and I struggle to get them to do things I want.

And the maintenance. I went to fix a single typo and had to spent fifteen minutes doing a slew of upgrades because something, somewhere had become deprecated.

That was the last straw. From this point forward, I'm taking back ownership of the engine that powers my site. It won't do everything, but over time, it'll do everything I need.