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Books I Recommend (2013)

My list of books that everyone should read in order to better make their way in the world. (At least in the U.S.)

October 2013

2023 Update

I don't remember reading "So Good They Can't Ignore You" or "Thou Shall Prosper". Of the other ones, I'd drop "Getting Things Done" and maybe "Richest Man In Babaylon"

I haven't re-read the other three, but I expect they hold up. The importan note about Rich Dad, Poor Dad is that it's only for the part the talks about how money works in terms of getting money to work for you with compound interest. There's a few diagrams in the book that are great for that. That's really the only part that's worth it.

Richest Mana In Babaylon is basically a long version of that idea. It's could kinda be swiched in, but it's much less to the point

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