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Customer Service

I had some problems getting my number transfered over from my Cingular account to my T - Mobile because an account number was wrong. I just spent about 10 min with the T - Mobile customer service rep getting it straightened out and it was quite possibly the best service call I've ever had. I generally wince at the cost of cell phone service for how little I talk on the phone, but the experience with their rep just made me a lot less worried about it. It's refreshing to see a big company treat their customers well. There is a bit of contrast to this to me today with a few small companies here in Jax. I'm going to put down some hardwood floor (which I've been talking about for a year) and I sent a note to three local companies yesterday asking for some quotes. Not one of them got back to me. Thinking about it from a small business perspective, if just one had gotten back to me they would have a huge chance of getting my business. Guess they don't understand that I'm lazy and don't want to have to work in order to give them my business.