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New Camera (TW: Suicide)

March 2006

Trigger Warning: Suicide

Heads up that this post discussis suicide

The pinholephotography.com site mentioned in the post is no longer around

A best friend of someone I worked with committed suicide.

I never met him, but he was a photographer.

My colleague is helping the family go thru the stuff and found this camera.

  A photograph of a wooden pinhole camera. The camera is a cube that's a little higher than it is wide or deep. The front face of the camera is facing the right edge of the frame. It has a circle in the middle about the size of a dine and a piece of leather that's screwed in above it that acts as a shutter buy rotating it up and down in front of the pinhole which is cut in the middle of the circle. There is also a small circle on the side face of the camera that's screw hole for a tripod mount.

It's one of the ones from -pinholephotography.com--.

I've always thought it would be cool to own one of these. Obviously, not the way I would have wanted to come by one, but I'm honored to have it.

The camera shoots on 4x5 film and the pinhole was formed by marching metal so it should be about as sharp a pinhole as you can get.

As long as it's been since I've messed with film, it's probably been double that since I've done anything 4x5. Should be a treat. I'll probably have to have someone else process it since I don't think I have access to 4x5 tanks anymore.

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