IMG_0001 - First Shot

The new camera came in today. I walked out on the course and took a few shots. Here is, literally, the first shot from the camera after it left the factory:

A photograph of the 17th hole at the TPC Sawgrass Stadium course taken to show the island green on the left side of the image and the tee box further back on the right side of the image

First impressions, I'm impressed . It feels right, and going back to a "full-frame" camera where wide angles are actually wide again is awesome.

Incidentally, here is a 100% clip from the above image. It's a little compresses so it's not representative of the full image quality, but it's still pretty good.

A zoomed in image of the previous photo showing the corner of the island green and tree on another small island towards the right of the frame

Only thing that is ticking me off right now is that it looks like Adobe has only released a RAW converter for CS2 and hasn't updated the one for regular old CS. That's a shitty way for a company to try to get people to upgrade and doesn't strike me as the type of thing I would have expected from Adobe.