Compound Interest

I like looking at what compound interest can do for me (or anyone else). So, I made a little page with some javascript on it to create a simple compound interest display. As I've mentioned recently, I just read The Richest Man in Babalyon again and one of the main points is to keep 10% of what you earn for yourself. So, plug in %10 of your pre-tax earnings and play around with the years and the interest rate to see how the 10% position works well with the simple but potent power of compounding interest. NOTE: I've tested this on my Windows machine with FireFox and IE and it works for both of them, but I haven't run this thru a full QA so if it bugs out on you, let me know. Also, this is just an estimate and I make no guarantees as to the accuracy of my math, but it should be at least close.