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Door Handles

A little while back, the interior door handle for my driver side door broke off. I used super glue a couple of times and it held for longer than I though, but I ended up getting a new handle and replacing it. Last week, the exterior handle cracked so that the part you pull up on is no longer attached to the rest of the mechanism. I can still get in, but it takes two hands and a little time. Seems ~165,000 miles of opening doors is about all they could take. I've got the part now and am about to dig into my door panel yet again. Between the times I've replaced the speakers (once with CJ and a couple times without) and the door handles I'm getting pretty good at removing the panel. Of course, it doesn't quite sit the way it used to, and is missing a couple of the lower screws, but that's to be expected. Here's hoping that I can do another successful operation without seriously screwing anything up.