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Black Velvet

I went to a fabric store today. A place called JoAnn's in the new St. John's Center. The store itself was quite large and there were maybe 30 customers in there.

The total number of guys? 2 - - Me and a guy who must have been a manager.

The reason for the visit was to get some black velvet. The plan is to use the cloth to provide a nice tabletop setup that I can use to shoot with. The theory is that the velvet will sop up enough light that the background or resting surface of whatever I'm shooting will translate to pure black.

Here's a couple shots from a lighting test I just did. In both image the leaf and the glasses are laying directly on the velvet. I didn't underexpose on the strobe or adjust any curves in photoshop. The "K" was at 100% naturally.

Very happy about that.