Night of the Matts

Just got back from a show at Freebird Live (one of the only places in Jax that has live music). There were three acts. Two of which were named Matt. I did some shooting which I'll post once I get a chance to edit it. The real key to the night was the other Matt. The Matt who was running the lights. I've talked to him a couple times before when I've been shooting and he's always been cool about making the lights a little hotter for me. That's just awesome. Afterall, photography is really painting with light. So, the guy who contorls the lights is key. I plan on brining him some prints just as a thank you. Tonight, I also discovered that he's the son of the bar owner. This makes things even better since I've been wanting to provide some images to the bar as well. And now, heading to bed with a nice little buzz..... -- cagegories -- tagPhotography tagMusic