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In My Eye

Had an odd thing happen yesterday. My eye was itching a little so I put some drops in, but it didn't get better. Looking in the mirror and I discovered what looked like a fleck of something on my eye, just a little off center.

More drops to try to flush it out, but it didn't move at all. In the past, I probably would have just rubbed my eye some to try to get it to go away, but after having Lasik, I'm even more paranoid than I used to be about my eyes.

So, jumped in the car for a quick trip to the eye doctor. Looking with their magnifier they confirmed that whatever it was, it was actually stuck in my eye a little. That was a little disconcerting, but even more so was the fact that she used a metal hook similar to the one a dentist cleans your teeth with to remove the speck.

All's, well now, but I was a little nervous there for a bit.